Water Damage? 4 Reasons To Rent A Porta Potty

We know you made sure to get insurance after purchasing your home. Congratulations, you may not need to fret if disaster strikes. It can be anything like a home fire outbreak or water damage. However, there are other issues to be sorted out while your house is undergoing repairs.

Some great questions to ask yourself in preparation of fire or water damage include:

  • Where will you live in the meantime? 
  • Will you have access to running water? 
  • If you’ll remain in your house throughout the cleanup and restoration, can you still go to the bathroom? 

Although the disaster restoration industry may be capable of finishing repairs in record time, the interruption of your lifestyle means you need to sort out these logistics. Obviously, certain areas of your home will be temporarily inaccessible due to the catastrophe, and your en suite bathroom is likely to be one of them.

No, it doesn’t mean you have to live without a bathroom for the days or possibly weeks of emergency cleanup and building repairs. At Doodie Calls, we offer just what you need: clean, convenient and affordable portable toilet rentals that can be delivered at a moment’s notice.

When selecting a porta potty company to trust in times of disaster there are various aspects to keep in mind. Below are the top four things to look for when renting a portable bathroom for your home.

    1. Cleanliness 

One of the first things to be affected due to house water damage is the plumbing, which will inevitably affect running water. It is difficult for a toilet to remain clean without the ability to flush, and indeed virtually impossible to stay safe from bacteria when there are puddles of stagnant water in the restroom. 

Porta potties that are on your property should be kept tidy and eliminate any safety concerns. Doodie Calls offers flushable portable toilet rentals, which keep your restroom cleaner for longer. Additionally, all our porta potties are scheduled for weekly maintenance however this is flexible and can increase to as often as you’d require.

Renting a portable toilet doesn’t only help you use the restroom safely while your home is under repairs. Porta potty rentals can be of benefit to the home restoration workers at your place, too! Make sure to rent enough of them so that you can ensure your private restroom area is maintained properly.

   2. Convenience 

It’s not likely that the bathroom is the first thing you’d think about in a house damage situation. Insurance maybe, but certainly not the oval office. Yet, the convenience of your master bathroom is something you only miss when it’s gone. 

If your bathroom has been rendered inaccessible due to the ongoing repairs, you can count on a portable restroom to provide that convenience for the time being. Whether you only want somewhere to use the bathroom, or you want a full suite of restroom features, you can rely on Doodie Calls portable restroom facilities.

It’s important to choose a company that has the capabilities to deliver outstanding customer service across their service area. One thing that sets Doodie Calls apart is our considerable fleet size. Our fleet includes but is not limited to, portable toilet rentals, flushable toilets, air-conditioned trailers and even ADA-accessible units that are convenient for the disabled and elderly. By renting a portable restroom, you can conveniently meet the needs of every member of your household even when the built-in bathrooms are out of order. 

     3. Comfort 

You don’t have to go rustic simply because of house water damage. Not even fire damage should force you to give up the comforts of your master en suite. Doodie Calls offers luxury restroom trailers which come equipped with spa-like features such as vanity mirrors, climate control, excellent lighting and music.

With plenty of features rivaling that of a hotel lobby bathroom, a restroom trailer can quickly make you forget you’re not in your home bathroom. You can have your household bathroom essentials like hand washing sinks with hot and cold faucets. Not only does Doodie Calls offer luxury trailers but shower and laundry trailers as well.

Renting with Doodie Calls has never been easier! We are your one stop shop for all things portable sanitation.

     4. Affordability 

Perhaps you think portable toilets come at a prohibitive cost. You’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to rent a portable restroom for the period of time your house is under restoration. We offer deals on long-term rentals on a wide selection of units. When you call our team, we take a variety of things into consideration to get you the best price.

At Doodie Calls, we pride ourselves in providing affordable portable restrooms that are clean, convenient and comfortable for you and your household. Amid all the stress of filing an insurance claim and playing the waiting game, having a portable restroom ensures you have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t forget Hand Wash Stations! 

If you don’t opt for a luxury trailer, handwash stations are your best friend. Ensuring sanitation in the event of a house disaster is not just about renting portable toilets. You may also need handwashing sink rentals to clean your hands, and those of the workers, after using the restroom. 

Each standalone hand wash sink rental includes: nicer soap, water tanks, and paper towels to ensure cleanliness. These hand wash stations are inexpensive to rent, and capable of servicing several people simultaneously.

Another option is to rent a standard porta potty equipped with a sink, or a restroom trailer. Nevertheless, with a separate hand wash station, you can maintain personal hygiene without going inside your home. 

Stay Sanitary, After Fire or Water Damage, with Doodie Calls

Neither house water damage nor a fire outbreak should force you to lower your hygiene standards. With portable toilet rentals you can continue to use the restroom conveniently, while ensuring your restoration crew maintains sanitary standards. 

The provider you choose to rent your portable toilets from is an important decision. You want a supplier like Doodie Calls, with a proven track record of timely delivery and excellent customer service. If you reside in Florida and you need portable toilets or hand wash sink rentals, contact us via +1(813) 800-POOP! You can also visit our website and contact our excellent customer service team to get the help you need.

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