Luxury trailer options

Luxury Trailer Services For Your Next Event

Let Doodie Calls help service your next special event. Outdoor weddings and events in this Florida heat can make the portable restroom experience treacherous. At Doodie Calls, we believe that your event should be kept at the highest standard for guest enjoyment. That is why we offer a variety of luxury trailer options. SAT and JAG luxury trailers are the best in the industry, with special features such as air conditioning, great lighting, Bluetooth features, and  customizable interior decoration, there is no shortage of benefits to these trailers. 

We also offer ADA accessible options so each guest at your event is catered for. 

Our fast & friendly customer service gives you peace of mind, from expert planning to accurate delivery and quality luxury trailers. Rely on us for your portable sanitation needs, large or small, any outdoor event can be catered to your specifications. Our dedicated team cleans these units as often as you require and each unit is dropped off fully stocked. Our adaptability and flexibility when it comes to placement of these luxury trailers and rental duration is what makes us a reliable, dependable, and a customer satisfaction based company. 


How Doodie Calls Handles Disaster Relief

When it comes to disaster relief, Doodie Calls understands the urgency and accuracy in which you need your rentals. That is why we offer a variety of services and products that are customizable to provide you with exactly what you need. With our dedicated team nearby, you can rest assured anything you need will be handled accordingly.

All portable units are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery to a customer. Before a unit leaves our lot, it is examined to ensure the toilet seat is functioning properly, the foot pump is in working order, the unit is free of graffiti, and the interior walls, toilet seat, urinal,  paper dispenser, and floor have been sanitized.

With easy online payments, it’s never been easier to get the product you need quickly and safely. At Doodie Calls we offer route tracking software; so you can rest assured your rental is on its way. With an extensive line of products for nearly any event, Doodie Calls has you covered.

Preview our products below.

luxury trailer options


2 Stall Restroom Trailer


ADA + 2 Stall Restroom Trailer


3 Stall Combo Trailer
(3 Door)


4 Stall Restroom Trailer
(2 Door)


4 Stall Restroom Trailer
(4 Door)

8 Stall, 8 Station Trailer

8 Stall Restroom Trailer
(8 Door, Private Stall)


10 Stall Restroom

8-station-shower trailer

8 Station Shower Trailer
(2 Door, Group Shower)

8 door, 8 shower trailer

8 Station Shower Trailer
(8 Door, Private Showers)

ADA Combo Trailer

ADA Shower + Restroom Combo Trailer (POD)


ADA Tandum Combo Trailer 

Bunk Trailer
(10 Bunks, Private Stations)

Laundry Trailer

Laundry Trailer  

11 stall our products

11 Stall Restroom 

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Doodie Calls offers a variety of clean, portable restroom, shower facilities, and laundry trailers options for special events, construction sites, outdoor weddings, disaster relief, and more.