Disaster & Emergency Response

Doodie Calls travels nationwide, so when disaster strikes, you’ll be ready. 

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After a disaster event, Doodie Calls, understands the urgency in getting sanitation equipment on site and set up quickly. Utilizing our ability to deliver our products and services within hours allows us to respond to your businesses needs. Our emergency response fleet consists of over 3,000 new inventory portable toilets including standard units, ADA units, and flushable fleet units with sinks. Additionally, we have over 500 hand wash stations, sanitizer stations and holding & water tanks reserved for emergency responses.

With experience working with state and federal agencies, as well as the private sector for disaster relief and response, we maintain 9 storage yards, strategically located throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States. The placement of these yards allows us to provide immediate response to your requests and be on-site with necessary equipment in 24 hours or less after the event occurs.

For any trailer needs, our fleet ranges in size from 8′ to 32′ and can accommodate crowds from 150 to over 1,000 people. We only offer luxury trailers with special features to withstand even the toughest situations. From shower and laundry, to bunk trailers our vast selection will not disappoint. We take pride in what we do and assure that all our units will exceed your expectations.


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Doodie Calls maintains a fleet of 70 service trucks to pump and haul waste as well as deliver fresh water to trailers and hand wash stations. Additionally, we have 10 dedicated fresh water trucks each with a 2,000 gallon capacity to meet your fresh water needs.

Our dedicated storm fleet consists of:

  • 3,000 Standard Restroom Units
  • 300 ADA Accessible Units 
  • 500 Hand Wash Stations
  • Over 300 Satellite & JAG Restroom Trailers
  • Shower, Laundry and Bunkhouse Trailers with generator rental abilities 
Disaster Relief Patch
Doodie Calls is honored to have received the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue patch following our involvement in the Surfside Building Collapse. We deeply value this achievement and are dedicated to upholding our esteemed reputation.

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Rental Options:

  • Water Fills
  • Pump-Out Services
  • Labor Services
  • Luxury Restroom Trailers with 2, 3, 4, and 10 Stall Options
  • ADA Restroom Trailers with 1 and 3 Stall Options
  • 3 Stall Combo Trailers with Toilet, Sink and Shower
  • Shower Trailers (8 Head)
  • Laundry Trailers (8 Washer/8 Dryer)
  • Bunkhouse Trailers (10 Bed)
  • Standard & ADA Portable Units
  • Freestanding Hand Wash Stations
  • Holding Tanks & IBC Totes
  • Bladder Bags (1500 Gallon Fresh & Gray Water)
  • Dumpsters (10 & 20 Yard)
  • Climate Controlled Tents


Doodie Calls Disaster Relief

For named hurricanes with a projected landfall, we begin mobilization ahead of the storm with the goal of being within 100 miles of the anticipated delivery location once it is safe to proceed. When there, we work closely behind the scenes and make the necessary arrangements to mobilize our trailers and equipment in the direction of the anticipated landfall. 

The Doodie Calls team is available to your team 24/7. All of our trailers and service trucks are equipped with hard-wired GPS systems. This systems allow us the ability to track driving performance through the use of fleet management software, ensuring we are delivering accurate arrival and location data to our customers with updates as quickly as 30 seconds. 

Preparing Your Portable Toilet Ahead of the Storm

We understand how daunting it is to find yourself and your jobsite in the projected path of an upcoming hurricane. We will do our best to service every customer ahead of the storm, as safely as weather permits. Our policy is to pump out portable toilets so they are empty ahead of the storm, as well as attempt to place them in the safest location possible, as time allows. There are two methods to properly securing a portable restroom. 


When securing your rentals make sure to: 

Method #2

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