ADA Accessible Porta Potties ‘Freedom’

ADA Freedom Overview

ADA accessible porta potties are a must at any event. The Freedom ADA Accessible unit has been reengineered for added strength and space, all within a smaller footprint! The extra space allows parents with young children to comfortably use the bathroom without being cramped and is spacious enough to allow wheelchair mobility.  New features include a vacuum-formed base, reinforced side panels, longer hand rails, molded vents, plastic carrying handles, and a strengthened roof, door frame, closure and latch.


ADA Portable Toilet Uses

For construction projects, we usually recommend (1) handicap porta potty for (10) employees over a normal (40) hour work week. It will give site visitors with disabilities the added room needed to navigate comfortably in their wheelchair and give site workers a little extra space to take off tool belts and other gear they may be donning.

For events of any size, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires, at a minimum, 5% and no less than one handicap porta potty location. The extra-large cabin space and surrounding grab bars in the interior are designed specifically so that those wheelchair bound or with disabilities can properly maneuver around comfortably and have the support needed to utilize the restroom facilities properly.

Families with small children also welcome the sight of handicap portable toilets because too often they are not crammed into a standard porta potty while assisting a young child who cannot access the restroom alone.

Renting ADA Accessible porta potties  have a variety of uses, ranging from:

  • Sporting Events such as volleyball or golf tournaments
  • Recreation Facilities like youth sports complexes, schools or seasonal locations like lakes or beaches.
  • Walks, Races, and Obstacle Courses such as 5Ks, charity walks, marathons and more
  • Concerts, Parades, and Carnivals at large and small venues as well as state and local level events
  • Black Friday, Farmer’s Markets, and Other Special Events
  • Construction Projects where they help comply with OSHA and ANSI laws while also making your job site more productive.

ADA Freedom

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