Your Hotel events need a Luxury Portable Restroom


What are Luxury Portable Restrooms?

A Luxury Portable restroom is souped up with all of the items a normal hotel restroom would have with the added ability to be portable. There are several different sizes of luxury restroom trailers that fit every event size. Luxury Portable restrooms offer more space while also having ADA compliant options. Some of the amazing features that help these restrooms produce their luxurious feel include the following.

Features in a Luxury Portable Restroom:

  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Simulated wood flooring
  • Ducted air conditioning with heat strip
  • On-board water capacity for remote locations where water is not available
  • Decorative laminate floors
  • Gray Pebbled Walls, Alum Trim, Faux Valances
  • Smooth Slate Gray Accent Wall
  • Smooth Fiberglass Ceiling Surface

Luxury restroom trailers are super convenient for outdoor weddings, graduations, and even at hotel events. They are all different, and can be styled to have signs outside and decor inside to match any event. They are super popular for different events in South Florida because they have air conditioning and are flushable to eliminate odor as quickly as possible. Luxury restroom trailers do need to be hooked up to a source of power however at hotels and large outdoor events it is usually pretty easy to set up. Since hotels in South Florida are infamous for hosting events that require the ability to separate event goers vs guests a portable restroom is just what every hotel should have.

Hotel Events that Need Portable Restrooms

Hotels host several events throughout the year and are extremely popular in the winter season in Florida. Hotels gained this popularity for hosting due to several accommodations they offer like ballrooms, business board meeting style rooms, catering options, and stages or room for music events. For hotels to maintain their prestigious image and status they need to continue adapting and accommodating for outdoor specific events. When you think of a beautiful hotel event the last thing that comes to mind is “where will I be able to go to the bathroom?” and “Are the restrooms inside super busy?” Give guests the peace of mind that their event won’t be overcrowded and they will easily find a restroom.

Ways to prevent indoor restroom overcrowding

To prevent this mix of people visiting hotels with outdoor event space and hotel guest staying inside some hotels may opt to have outdoor luxury restroom trailers. Since the restroom trailers have an easy set up and removal process they are perfect for events that last for just the weekend. Typically hotels allow visitors to use there restrooms but they commonly get overcrowded and lower the experience for guest spending money for a luxury vacation experience. 

Hotel Construction

Hotels commonly go under renovation and have frequent additions when they increase in popularity. They also sometimes need to be repainted and this can take several days. The best way to avoid having an unattractive looking construction site at your hotel is to rent a luxury restroom trailer. They are sleek in design and make the painters or construction workers comfortable while spending long hours fixing up the hotel. This also helps protect hotel’s reputations by maintains their beautiful outdoor landscape.

How Can You Rent a Luxury Portable Restroom?

If you are ready to rent a luxury portable restroom for your next hotel event or construction call Doodie Calls to see their great options for restroom trailers. They offer several sizes with different interiors and air temperature settings. Doodie Calls services several locations and does all the heavy lifting. Luxury Restroom trailers have so many great features that can elevate your next outdoor hotel event.

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