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Top 5 Events that Need Portable Restrooms

The logistical nightmare of finding a spare bathroom in certain events can only be avoided if the organizers rent portable restrooms.

Perhaps you’ve experienced something like this before. You’re in attendance at some outdoor event, such as a community carnival, when you suddenly need to go to the toilet. To your dismay, you find that there is no bathroom nearby, and the nearest public toilet is miles away. 

Clearly, portable restrooms are indispensable. This is true not only for outdoor gatherings where there are no other bathroom facilities, but also for many indoor events which often have more guests than the built-in toilets can handle.

Portable restrooms solve this problem by providing essential bathroom needs in a small, mobile space. These porta potties are often clean, convenient and quite comfortable.

Practically every kind of celebratory event, from galas and fiestas to concerts and weddings, will find porta potties useful. For particular occasions, they are an absolute necessity. Here are the top five events that require organizers to rent portable restrooms. 

Outdoor Weddings 

When a natural landscape is planned for a wedding venue, the organizers simply have to rent portable restrooms for the event. In fact, getting a suitable porta potty rental is a crucial part of planning an outdoor wedding. If overlooked, the implications are dire.

Another thing that makes renting portable restrooms so crucial for a wedding is the size of the guest list. The average wedding has over 100 guests, many of whom will probably need to use the toilet at some point during the ceremony. 

Even if the venue is not too far from a building, the number of bathrooms available may not be enough for the number of guests present. 

Don’t Skimp on Luxury 

No matter how rustic your wedding theme is, you shouldn’t have to make the restroom experience a shabby one. Your guests will definitely not feel anything welcoming about an outhouse-style restroom, even though they appreciate the breathtaking scenery of your wedding venue.

Make the guests feel comfortable in your bathroom facilities by getting the best portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding that your budget can handle. If you’re looking for the safest choice, you cannot go wrong with a luxury restroom trailer.

Marathons and Sporting Events 

Marathon runners need convenient places to change and clean up before and after the run. The facilitators have to provide shower trailers that are spacious and comfortable enough so the runners don’t have to go miles away for a bathroom. 

On the other hand, organizers of sporting events have to prioritize capacity over comfort. Popular sports such as baseball and soccer can have hundreds or thousands of spectators glued to their seats for long periods. As a result, a lot of people have to use the restroom during the intervals. 

However, there are few stadiums that can handle so many bathroom demands at once. The event organizers must rent portable restrooms that have multiple stalls to prevent congestion. 

Flushable, Reliable, Portable 

Standard porta potties simply wouldn’t do for a major sports event with over a thousand spectators in attendance. If the restrooms don’t have running water or flushable toilets they are bound to get clogged and messy after a while. 

Organizers should ensure they rent portable restrooms with hand washing stations as well as toilets that flush. This way, the bathroom stalls remain clean and sanitary throughout the duration of the event. 

Concerts and Festivals 

These outdoor gatherings featuring food, drinks, and entertainment tend to pull large crowds of adults and children. Inevitably, several people will have to go to the toilet during these events. 

Renting enough porta potties is also the only way to keep the party in full swing throughout. The number of tickets sold helps determine the number of portable restrooms required. A good rule of thumb is to have one bathroom stall for every 50 attendees. 

You should also consider the local laws if you’re organizing a community festival or any large outdoor gathering. In some states, you may have to rent a particular number of portable restrooms before you can be granted a permit. 

Check for ADA-Accessibility

Event planners are mandated by law to make public facilities equally accessible to all attendees. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 particularly discourages discrimination against disabled people. 

What this means for your event is that you may have to rent portable restrooms that meet ADA standards. At least 5% of your restrooms should be ADA-compliant, with wide maneuvering spaces, anti-slip ramps, and toilet paper dispensers within reach. 

Corporate Events 

Shareholder meetings, product launches and business conferences need to have proper restroom facilities. At these corporate events, it is crucial to ensure the meeting proceeds smoothly, without the distraction of a long restroom queue. 

It is necessary to rent portable restrooms if a meeting venue doesn’t have adequate bathroom facilities for the number of attendees. For an outdoor corporate event such as a team-building activity, it is even more crucial to acquire portable toilets. 

However, organizers of these events should note that simply renting basic porta potties will not suit the attendees. For such an event with business professionals in attendance, you should be prepared to acquire executive restroom trailers


At fundraising galas where guests are dressed in formal attire, the bathrooms have to be classy, upscale facilities capable of serving premium clientele. Needless to say, restroom waiting lines at such events have to be minimal.

To meet the needs of the guests in attendance, you may have to acquire quite a few luxury restroom trailers, with ADA-accessible handicap units if necessary. Also consider whether alcohol will be served at the event, as it might increase the demand in the available restrooms. 

Like in an outdoor wedding reception, restrooms at galas should prioritize comfort and convenience of the guests present. You cannot go wrong with an air conditioned portable restroom trailer with roomy bathroom stalls for your elaborately dressed guests to move around easily. 

Rent Portable Restrooms in Florida 

Do you need to rent portable restrooms for an event you’re hosting in a Florida county? You need the guidance of a reputable porta potty rental company based in Florida, like Doodie Calls. 

We deliver clean, portable toilets to your event, construction site or work location as quickly as you need them. Contact us today to request a quote, or visit our website to view our portable restroom rentals.

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