How to Secure a porta potty before a storm

Tips For Securing A Porta Potty Before A Storm

Hurricane season comes every year like clock work. Whether your a native Floridian or a newbie, preparation remains the same. Water, snacks, games, and loved ones is a smart way to start. But don’t forget, if you have a portable, you must secure it before those hurricane winds sweep it into the gulf! Don’t let a rogue porta-potty become a safety hazard or a costly replacement! Here at Doodie Calls, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to secure a porta potty before a storm and keep your construction site operational.

Method 1: Rebar Anchoring

  1. Grab your tools: Head to your local hardware / home improvement store and pick up four rebars (metal rods) and a hammer.
  2. Angle the rebars: Position each rebar at an angle around the base of the porta-potty.
  3. Drive them in: Using the hammer, pound the rebars firmly into the ground until they’re secure.
  4. Lock it up: For added security, use a metal lock or zip tie to lock the porta-potty door shut.

Method 2: Screw Anchor and Rope Tie-Down

  1. Get the anchors: Pick up two heavy-duty screw-in anchors (like red anchors) from your hardware store.
  2. Secure the anchors: On each side of the porta-potty, screw in a red anchor until it’s firmly secured.
  3. Tie it down: Use a strong rope or strap to create a tie-down around the top of the porta-potty. Secure the rope to both red anchors for maximum stability.
  4. Find a sturdy anchor point: If possible, tie the other end of the rope to a nearby fence post, tree trunk, or other substantial object.
  5. Lock the door: Don’t forget to lock the porta-potty door with a metal lock or zip tie.

Visuals more your speed? Click here to check out our disaster preparedness page and scroll to the bottom! We have step by step photos for you!

Bonus Tips:

While standard anchoring methods work well, for extended projects or areas prone to severe weather, consider these options:

  • Tie-Units Together: Units tied together or tied to a tree have a better chance not blowing away during a storm.
  • Location matters: Whenever possible, try to place your porta-potties in a sheltered area, away from open fields, against buildings and trees are recommended.
  • Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Kits: Your local home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes will have all of the supplies you need to properly prepare.

Doodie Calls: Your Reliable Sanitation Partner

At Doodie Calls, we understand the importance of keeping your construction site running smoothly. We offer a variety of portable restroom options, including heavy-duty units designed for harsh conditions. We also provide prompt cleaning and maintenance services to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for your crew.

Contact Doodie Calls today! Let our team help you find the perfect portable restroom solution for your next construction project. We’ll keep your site operational, safe, and focused on getting the job done, rain or shine!

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