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The Differences Between Single Units and Restroom Trailers

In the red corner, the undisputed champion of reliability and sturdiness: the humble porta potty single unit! Presenting in the blue corner, the challenger that offers a perfect blend of luxury and convenience – the impeccable restroom trailer! Well, dear reader, strap yourself in, as we prepare to dive into the great debate of porta potty single units vs. restroom trailers. This informative showdown will assist you in choosing the best portable restroom option for your event, construction site, or any other gathering where nature’s call simply cannot be ignored.

1. What Are Porta Potty Single Units and Restroom Trailers?

Porta potty single units, AKA portable toilets, are the epitome of simplicity and practicality when it comes to accessible sanitation. They are compact, standalone units made of lightweight yet durable material, usually featuring a toilet, urinal, and twice a week maintenance. You’ve probably encountered these mighty little toilet warriors at countless outdoor events, construction sites, or marathon paths. Coupled with a handwash station these units won’t add to any porta potty horror stories.

Restroom trailers, on the other hand, are the crème de la crème of the portable restroom world. They feature multiple private stalls with sinks and mirrors, excellent lighting, and luxurious extras like air conditioning, background music, and stylish décor. Designed to provide a more comfortable and high-end restroom experience, these beauties are the top choice for upscale events and weddings.

2. Comparing Sizes and Capacities

When it comes to size, porta potty single units are the more compact option, measuring around 4ft x 4ft x 7.5ft. This relatively small footprint makes them easy to place at any location without taking up too much space. However, with their limited capacity, they may require servicing more often, depending on usage.

Restroom trailers, as you might have guessed, are larger and can range from 10ft to over 30ft in length, accommodating multiple stalls and additional features. Though they take up more space, they have the advantage of serving more people at once with less wait time. Plus, they can typically hold more waste, meaning less frequent servicing.

3. Let’s Talk Comfort and Amenities

There’s no beating around the bush: when it comes to comfort, restroom trailers take the win. With features like climate control, running water, flushable toilets, and even elegant décor, restroom trailers provide an unmatched elegant experience.

That said, porta potty single units still deserve credit for their simplicity and effectiveness. If you need a no-frills, straightforward restroom solution, they are undoubtedly up to the challenge.

4. Price and Budget Considerations

As you might expect, a higher level of comfort and luxury comes with a higher price tag. Restroom trailers are generally more expensive to rent than single porta potties. However, keep in mind that you may need multiple single units to accommodate the same number of guests a restroom trailer could serve.

In terms of your budget, consider the type of event and guests’ expectations. For construction sites, charity runs, or outdoor festivals, single units may be entirely acceptable, while weddings, corporate events, or VIP gatherings may warrant the added expense of restroom trailers.

5. Accessibility and ADA Compliance

The question of accessibility is an important one when choosing your portable restroom option. While some single porta potty units are available with ADA-compliant features, restroom trailers tend to offer more in terms of accessibility due to their spacious design, sturdy structure, and integrated ramps for wheelchair access.

Doodie Calls Porta Potty Single Unit and Restroom Trailers Rentals 

When it comes to choosing between porta potty single units and restroom trailers, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The decision ultimately depends on factors like the event type, location, size, audience, and budget. Porta potty single units are perfect for a practical, cost-efficient solution, while restroom trailers offer unparalleled comfort and luxury for those with higher expectations. Now that you are armed with knowledge, choose wisely and let the winner of this portable potty showdown meet your sanitation needs with style, substance, or a bit of both. Fill out this “Get An Estimate Form” and our customer service team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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