Rent Luxury Bathrooms for Your Wedding

If it’s an outdoor wedding or a site that doesn’t generally accommodate huge crowds, you’ll need plenty of restrooms where refreshments are present. Since this will be a sophisticated affair, porta-potties are normally out of the question. As a result, bathroom trailers are essential! Don’t be caught off guard while looking for restroom facilities for your guests at the last minute. Follow these steps to rent luxury bathrooms for your wedding. 

Schedule in Advance 

During wedding season, restroom trailers are in high demand. Schedule your restroom trailer as soon as possible to guarantee that you receive the proper size unit for your event. Trailers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2-3 stalls to 10 stalls. We own all of our restroom trailers at Doodie Calls. As a result, when you contact us for availability, we can supply you with precise information. Even if your event is approaching quickly, we will try our best to present you with an option that can accommodate your guest total.

Offers Privacy 

Outdoor weddings may not always provide the privacy that wedding parties seek as they prepare for their dramatic entrance. Sharing restrooms with your guests and the bridal party won’t offer convenience either. 

Especially if people will be waiting for an extended period of time. 

Your wedding party’s demands will continue to be special throughout the day even after the celebration has begun. Whatever the day brings, that bathroom trailer will serve as a safe home for their personal usage.

For instance, the brides and bridesmaids may return to change into party clothes or adjust their hair and makeup. The bridal couple may want to take a private moment apart from the guests. 

We suggest renting a second trailer strategically situated to act as a private changing station for the wedding party. Even if you spend most of your time getting ready elsewhere, you may need this space to touch up quietly upon arrival. 

Provide A Luxury Experience 

Even though this is an outdoor wedding, you want it to seem like a lovely and expensive occasion. Standard portable restrooms don’t add as much to the wedding environment as some would want. A luxury unit is a great investment in this case. 

High-end restrooms have the closes comparison to conventional indoor facilities in appearance and feel. They have flushing toilets, sinks with running water, and elegant vanities. Combine a luxury trailer with aspects of outdoor décor such as lounge chairs, upholstered furniture, small tables, lamps, and amusing light sources. 

The ultimate result will be a room that seems like you’re at a high-end hotel or conference center, regardless of how remote your wedding site is.

ADA Restrooms 

As previously stated, bathroom trailers for rent come in a variety of sizes based on the number of stalls required. Another thing to consider is whether any of your guests have unique access requirements. Guests who use a wheelchair to get around may need ADA-compliant restroom trailers

Fortunately, Doodie Calls rents out ADA-compliant bathroom trailers. If you believe this will be the case for your celebration, feel free to let us know.

Let Help You Plan 

Here at Doodie Calls, we deliver the highest quality equipment on time with unparalleled customer service In Florida. If you’re planning a wedding, celebration, or event in these areas, we hope you would consider us for your restroom trailer rental needs.

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