5 Ways Portable Toilets Contribute To A Cleaner Environment


Human waste can be very toxic to the environment. The purpose of Outdoor Restrooms is to provide you with a cleaner, and more environmentally friendly bathroom experience. 

There are many advantages of using a portable toilet unit. Here’s 5:

  1. Help Conserve Water

A great benefit of Outdoor Restrooms is that they don’t use nearly as much water as toilets in the home do. This makes portable toilets environmental friendly because overuse of water can lead to flooding, limited drinking water, as well as quality of. 

When using an outdoor restroom, you won’t run into these problems as these toilets don’t require flushing along with also not needing to use water when disposing of waste. It is said that over 125 gallons of fresh water in the United States alone is saved every day with outdoor restrooms. 

Portable Toilets Help Diminish the Risk of Leaks

Portable toilets don’t require plumbing installation, which reduces the possibility of pipes breaking and sewage pipes leaking which can result in property damage. 

  1. Reserve Materials

When putting up a regular in house bathroom vs an outdoor restroom, the process and materials used is very different. 

Since these outdoor restrooms are portable, they are easy to move and take down as needed, unlike in-home bathrooms which continuously obstruct the land beneath it. 

How long do Outdoor Restrooms last?

Portable toilet units are very durable. They last for at least 5-10 years before needing to be replaced. 

  1. Shelter Vegetation From Toxic Waste

When out and about exploring nature, you cannot decide when you need to “go”. However, you can decide to use an outdoor restroom rather than depositing your waste onto plantlife. Urinating onto nature’s landscape can result in poising plant life as Urine is filled with excess salts and other dangerous components.

Portable bathrooms are a great solution for this problem as they do not harm nature, but rather decrease that risk. 

  1. Minimize the Spread of Disease Among Wildlife

Another issue with not having portable restrooms outdoors is the risk of diseases. Human waste is not only harmful to the environment, but can be dangerous to humans and animals as well. 

If campgrounds, for example, are covered in toxic waste, think about how many people and animals are later stopping on that waste and carrying it around. Who knows what has gone into that waste after it was first left there. The list of diseases it could be carrying is endless. This is dangerous to the environment, humans and animals, and could be avoided with the implication of outdoor restrooms. 

Human waste can also be washed into drains and streams which can poison drinking water and swimming water.  To be more environmentally friendly at your next outdoor event or camping trip consider using a porta potty.

  1. Controls Odors 

If you’re out hiking, or taking a nice nature walk, the last thing you want to deal with is the horrific smell of human waste. Adding on to that, if you have a pet with you, it’s better that they don’t inhale that smell and then trot along in what could be very harmful to them. Portable toilets work over time to alleviate these odors. Utilizing high-tech deodorizing products, outdoor bathrooms provide a much cleaner solution for the environment. 

Contemplating getting an Outdoor Restroom?

Do you know of a campground or hiking trail that doesn’t have a portable bathroom? Or are you hosting an upcoming event? Consider the benefits an outdoor restroom would provide to yourself and to the environment. Doodie Calls is here to help supply you with the best environmentally friendly portable restrooms. 

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