Portable Restroom Trailers: To Rent or Lease?

When it comes to solving the problems related to sanitation, sometimes you may need bigger solutions. Doodie Calls offers a wide range of portable restroom solutions that can serve big and small events. It is particularly important when hosting larger events such as a wedding or a concert. We offer appropriate sanitation solutions facilities for the large population.

At Doodie Calls we make renting or leasing easy so guests or employees can have clean facilities. We offer air-conditioning, lighting, and cleaning services. The use of portable restroom trailers is not new. Over the years, many companies are using these systems for renting and leasing purposes. 

Furthermore,  providing customers with spacious and sectioned-off stalls. They can solve the sanitation problems of a very large population by providing running water for handwashing and other portable setups. Nowadays the restroom trailers often contain mirrors for touch-ups, as well as hiring a bathroom attendant to help keep the facilities clean and stocked. 

Rent or Lease the Portable Restroom Trailer System?

Today in this article we will cover some basic situations to help differentiate between renting and leasing. Typically the deciding factor is the length of time the portable restroom or solutions are needed. 

Shorter lengths of time are appropriate for rentals. Longer lengths of time would be better for leasing, for example natural disasters or construction sites. Let’s dive deep and see how portable restroom trailers can solve your individual and collective sanitation problems. 

2-Station Restroom Trailers

Arranging a smaller sized event such as a dinner party or a family gathering? It is advisable to select a two-station portable restroom rental trailer. This is ideal for a 6 hour event with less than 150  people. The number of uses is 750. 

One side of the 2-station restroom trailer is designed for men while the other is for women. Specifications of this system include: Heating and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, decorative laminate floors, and lighting.

4-Station Restroom Trailers

In some cases, the 2-station restroom trailers are not enough and you may need to upgrade to the 4-station restroom trailers. The roomy 4-station restroom trailer has a grand interior and can accommodate up to 350 guests while providing a luxury experience.

Additional features that this medium-sized restroom trailer include: heating and air conditioning, as well as hot and cold running water. They also include ducted air conditioning with heat strip and arctic package for cold weather applications. We also offer board water capacity for remote locations where water is unavailable and simulated wood flooring.

10-Station Restroom Trailers 

The JAG-10 station restroom trailer is roomy and luxurious. This 10-station portable restroom trailer is constructed for both operators and end-users. This restroom solution is optimal for events with up to 800 people depending on the length of the event. 

The JAG-10 has two separate sides for men and women. The men’s side has two enclosed stalls and three urinals. The women’s side has five enclosed stalls. 

Both sides have a vanity with two white porcelain sinks. The walls are textured grey and graffiti resistant. The trailer also has chic, floating cabinets, solid surface countertops and LED interior light package. The unit is fit with cathedral arched doors and designer wood grain flooring. These trailers are perfect for weddings and events that need convenience, while having a luxury feel.

Don’t Forget to Prepare a Portable Toilet Ahead of the Storm!

As a South Florida based company, we realize how intimidating it is to be in the direct path of a hurricane. Especially, if you are on the jobsite. We strive to service each and every customer ahead of the storm. Though, we ask our clients to understand that some natural disasters can cause delays. 

Our customers are always welcome to pick up or order our portable rental services early in order to avoid a delayed service. In the effort to get ahead of the storm, our policy is to pump out portable toilets prematurely. This way, they are empty prior to hurricanes making landfall. We also do this in order to make sure they are secured and in the safest location possible. 

Ultimately, whoever the equipment is rented to is responsible for the equipment during a tropical storm or hurricane. There are steps we advise our customers to take to ensure your rentals are secured. Secure a rope around the portable to keep the door closed despite high speed winds. Another way to secure the unit is to use a rope and tie it to a solid secured object. This object could be a tree trunk or dumpster. 
Additional steps we recommend are to lay the unit down. Be sure to lay it on the leeward side of the job site, out of the winds. If available, move the portable inside a warehouse or garage. If you have any further questions contact us directly.

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