Choosing the Right Porta Potty Rental for Your Outdoor Wedding

Your special day should be unforgettable – but not because of a bathroom blunder. An outdoor wedding with a porta potty can save the day!

An outdoor wedding is a truly picturesque way to tie the knot. The breathtaking view of the natural landscape promises to create lasting memories for everyone present. As long as you plan every detail, of course. 

The Details Matter

From choosing the perfect venue and hiring a band, to booking a gourmet chef and deluxe dinnerware. In the midst of all the excitement and logistical planning, one crucial thing that must not be overlooked is providing suitable bathroom facilities for the occasion. 

True, your guests will probably not think of their restroom experience as the highlight of your wedding. However, they are more than likely to remember the discomfort of having to wait for several minutes to use an unsanitary, clogged toilet. 

To avoid any embarrassment, here are the things you need to consider when renting a porta potty for your outdoor wedding.

The Five C’s of an Outdoor Wedding Porta Potty Rental 

Not just any porta potty rental will work for your outdoor wedding. When choosing a suitable bathroom rental, you may find yourself asking these five questions: 

  • Are the stalls enough for my guest count? 
  • Can I make it compatible with my wedding theme? 
  • How convenient is it for the guests? 
  • Can I afford the cost
  • How will the porta potty stay clean

Census – How many Porta Potties are needed? 

Long bathroom lines are discouraging and make your event memorable for the wrong reasons. It is crucial to make sure there are enough toilets and hand sinks available at your wedding for guests to use. 

A good rule of thumb is to rent one porta potty per 25 guests. This implies two units for 50 guests and four if you are planning to host 100 people. You may also prefer to rent two bathrooms, or a dual-unit restroom trailer to separate the male and female toilets if your guest count is under 25. 

Review your guest list

If your wedding will have more women in attendance, it may be best to have an extra toilet since women tend to spend longer in the restroom and lines build up quickly. 

You should also consider toddlers and young children undergoing toilet training. Depending on the number of kids, you may decide to place potty chairs in a separate stall. For kids big enough for a regular toilet, you can fix a potty seat on the toilet bowl, and a sturdy stool to step on. 

If you will have elderly guests present, or any disabled guests, you will have to to rent a toilet that is ADA-accessible. 

Compatibility – Does it fit my wedding theme? 

The ability of a porta potty rental to blend in with your wedding theme is a rare superpower. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands here and decorate your bathroom stalls with  flowers, lights and stylized monograms. 

Temporary decorations in line with your wedding theme can make the rental facility fit in better. It may also be helpful to check with your porta potty rental provider to be sure any added decor is approved, and easy for them to remove after the event. At Doodie Calls, all our trailers are customizable to fit with your theme without skipping a beat. 

Sight, smell, & sound 

For the vast majority, porta potties are too clunky to be seen out in the open, especially during an outdoor wedding. If this is a concern for you, choose a porta potty rental that can easily be kept out of direct view. 

Placing the restroom behind strategically placed screening such as a hedge wall or thematic decor will keep it out of sight, while remaining easily accessible. Also consider keeping restroom trailers at an optimal distance from the party to avoid interference from distracting sounds.

No wedding venue – indoor or outdoor – is compatible with an evil-smelling porta potty. The odor of disinfectant may seem like a solution, but you can do much better than that. Work with Doodie Calls to learn how we can help you keep your luxury trailer smelling fresh and clean. 

Convenience – Will my guests be comfortable?

The reality is that most people take comfortable restroom facilities for granted, which means they’re sure to remember an uncomfortable porta potty experience. Your goal is to make the toilet aspect as forgettable as possible, by making the guests feel at home.

Basic porta potties are not usually equipped with flushing toilets, sinks, lighting or vanity mirrors. You may prefer to rent a fully specced luxury restroom trailer that has all these comforts as well as some form of climate control in case your outdoor takes place in harsh weather. 

Provide essential amenities 

Besides water, soap and toilet paper, you should stock the porta potties with necessities such as towels, waste baskets and hygiene products. 

Not all trips to the restroom will be for number twos. Wedding guests might need to fix their hair or remove a stain or two. Also, making breath mints or mouthwash shows a thoughtfulness that your guests will appreciate. Stock these amenities in customized bathroom baskets.

Costs – Can I afford It? 

Short answer: It depends. Portable bathrooms are de rigueur for outdoor weddings, and they don’t necessarily come cheap. Depending on your priorities, the cost of a porta potty rental can be a few hundred bucks or upwards of $10,000. 

The simplest porta potty with the bare essentials for an outdoor wedding is a thousand dollar affair, However if you want additional features such as music, vanity space, heating or air-conditioning, be prepared to include a significant bathroom rental bill in your wedding budget.

Review your budget

If you can’t imagine spending anything remotely close to a couple grand on a porta potty rental. All you need is the right porta potty to party!

While we recommend splurging on a high-end luxury restroom trailer kitted with all the bells and whistles of a home bathroom, you should check out different options at a trusted rental company. You might find that you need to review your wedding budget. 

Alternatively, you may choose a porta potty configuration you can afford. It is important to do this planning early enough, so you can make any necessary adjustments. 

Cleaning standards – Will the Outdoor Wedding Porta potty Rental stay neat? 

Usually, an outdoor wedding porta potty rental will be in a good sanitary condition at first. But will it stay that way throughout the entire event? Probably not. To combat this, you’ll want to consider hiring a restroom attendant to keep the trailer clean and kept. you also have to consider how it will stay clean through the entire duration of your wedding and reception after a few guests have used the restroom.

A Reliable Porta Potty Rental for Your Event

The rental company you choose to get porta potties from should have high sanitary standards, prompt delivery and reliable customer service. If you’re looking for a porta potty rental service that meets all these criteria, Doodie Calls has got you covered. 

Check out Doodie Calls to explore our special event options and request a quote. 

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