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Luxury Porta-Potty Rentals for Your Air B&B Cabin

As the owner of an Air B&B cabin, you strive to provide your visitors with the finest porta-potty amenities and services possible. Every successful business is the product of careful foresight, comprehensive planning, and good old-fashioned hard work; so is any successful vacation rental.

But before thinking of all the other amenities, you need to take care of one essential need: a portapotty rental air B&B service. Sanitation is a basic need you need to focus on, especially in a cabin in the woods. In this article, we will go through some benefits of having a portable toilet, as well as different types of toilets.

Benefits of Luxury Porta-Potty Rentals at Your Air B&B

The following are some of the benefits of choosing a portable toilet, as well as some reasons why this is a good idea:

1.    Comfort and Customization Porta-Potty

The new age trends toward “glamping” as the in thing to do during the summer months in the United States. As the owner of a campground, you can provide various types of rentals to your guests. We recommend considering an air-conditioned shower trailer combo. The shower trailer combos are also ADA compliant which will allow you to accommodate more variety of guests. This trailer provides the comfort of temperature-controlled restrooms and shower use with the ability to hold approximately 125 gallons of waste.

These days, it’s common to find modern models stocked with conveniences like comfortable seating that make using a portapotty more pleasant for anyone. Color customization is also an option for many models, making it easier to coordinate with your theme and existing decor.

2.    Environmentally Friendly

Portable toilets are advantageous because of their comfort and the positive effects they have on the environment. If your cabin is located outside of a power grid, there are also several options for non-electrical portable restrooms. We recommend viewing our standard restroom with sink. You may also consider the ADA complaint Liberty model with the addition of a hand sink.

3.    Convenience of Placement

You can place a portable toilet virtually anywhere on your campground. Having clean, easily accessible facilities available for guests will surely increase your host ratings.

Various Types of Porta-Potty Rental Air B&B

Here are different types of toilets you can rent for your cabin on Air B&B:

·      Standard Portable Restrooms

The most frequent and commercially available choice is a regular portable toilet. Most likely, you have been within one of them before. This might very well be the finest choice if you need to lease a huge quantity of portable toilets.

·      Restroom Trailers or Units with Handicapped Access

A portable toilet that is accessible to people with disabilities is quite similar to a regular one. However, it is built to the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is bigger and broader. The ADA-compliant versions are the general preference as these units can cater to a wider variety of guests and provides more space to move.

·      Sanitary Facilities with an Integrated Sink

Limited plumbing? No problem. Doodie Calls offers units with built-in sinks, soap dispensers, and toiletries like hand towels.

·      Flushable Porta-Potty Rentals

Upgrade your mobile restrooms by selecting flushable portable toilets. For event venues, an optimal way to reduce the risks of smells and chances of uncleanliness would be to use flushable units. Many also include built-in amenities, including a sink, soap dish, toilet tissue, and a mirror.

Porta-Potty Rentals for your Air B&B Cabin

Finding a proper way for your guests to enjoy your amenities won’t be a challenge when you call Doodie Calls. In order to serve our customers promptly and efficiently, we maintain offices throughout the state of Florida.  Our headquarters are located in Sarasota with branch offices in Spring Hill, North Venice, Cape Coral, Groveland, Center Hill, South Pasadena, Labelle, New Port Richey, Brandon and Pompano Beach.

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