How to Set up Luxury Camping Site


Setting up a campsite is fairly easy if you have the necessary supplies. In other words, make sure you plan ahead for all the necessary commodities and comforts that people need while camping. Luxury camping is not about learning to hunt and taking a dump in the woods. Those who like to camp may opt for an option that still has creature comforts like a bathroom and running water. Setting up a luxury camping site can be achieved pretty easily by renting the proper equipment and making it look glamorous.

Porta Potties While Camping

If you are just starting to get traffic to your campsite you may need a more affordable option. A fully built out bathroom can be expensive so, a porta potty is perfect. Contrary to what people believe about porta potties there are actually units available the have flushing toilets and nice interiors. Porta potties can be rented until you have the funds for a bathroom and they are also better for the environment. Porta Potties are great to have while camping because it is a lot better to feel safe while using the restroom than going in the woods. Another great option would be fancy porta potty rentals for a luxury campsite.

Where to Find a Fancy Porta Potty Rental?

If you need a full restroom that offers more luxury to your guests rather than having a bathroom building, try a restroom trailer. They can easily be rented and set up with heat or air conditioning to accommodate for different climates. There are different styles of restroom trailers for every Luxury Camping Site that can have 4 -12 stalls. There are even shower trailers if your guests need. 

Having a fancy porta potty rental like the shower trailer would really enhance your campground guests experience as well as your likely hood of getting good reviews. Guests that want to camp and enjoy the outdoors also like having a camp base that they want to feel comfortable coming back to. If your guests are able to shower and do their business privately they will stay longer. 

What is Glamping?

There is a new trend going around called “glamping” and you need to accommodate for these guests. People that love going on family vacations are used to staying at resorts. However, there is still a crowd that loves the idea of camping but would not like to do so without a proper place to clean off. These guests are known as glampers. They may not be there for a long time but it is best to provide them with a comfortable stay. 

Setting up a luxury campsite includes accounting for glampers and regular campers. Even if your entire campsite has nice cabins with electricity people will still want a great place to use the restroom. In remote locations it is known that plumbing can be very difficult to install and maintain. In this case you may want to get several porta potties or nicely customized restroom trailers. The restroom trailers can also be fully decorated and look like the inside of a hotel room. 

Where to Get The Nicest Fancy Porta Potty Rental?

If you need a team who can haul out your fancy porta potty rental. As well as set it up for your campsite contact Doodie Calls. Our team of porta potty experts can teach you everything about porta potties. This includes: how to know when the porta potty is ready to be emptied. If you have any issues with you Porta Potty their team will be ready to help. 

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