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A common mistake people make when arranging an event is not making the bathroom situation a key part of their plan. Sometimes you may get too caught up in designing the centerpieces or counting the number of chairs you’ll need and not even think “hey, where are people going to go to the bathroom?” It gets complicated to find rentals in your area the delivery and pick up quickly. Providing your guests with easy access to a restroom is key to hosting a good party. Planning an event in Pompano, look no further than Doodie Calls for all of your porta potty and luxury trailer needs!

When people think of outdoor restrooms, a gross porta potty on a football field probably comes to mind. But, that doesn’t have to be the case, especially for your high-end events. At Doodie Calls, we supply a wide range of portable sanitation stations from standard units to luxury restroom trailers, and everything in between. 

First Things First, How Many Portable Restrooms Should I Rent?

When determining the size and number of porta potty units are necessary, there’s a few factors that play a part. A few include; size of party, gender distribution, and whether you need ADA accessible units. For more information, contact our amazing Doodie Calls team and get a quote today.

What Type of Event are You Hosting?

If you’re renting porta potties for a special occasion, such as a wedding, a larger bathroom unit would be beneficial. If your guests are dressed to the nines, they probably don’t want to squeeze into a small bathroom and risk their gowns or suits getting dirty. For these types of events, we recommend utilizing luxury trailers. Each trailer can be altered to be ADA accessible and ranges in sizes from 2 stall to 11 stalls.

Special occasions are one thing but birthday parties are fit into their own category. When you opt to get your porta potty rental in Pompano with Doodie Calls, we offer a variety of portable units that are perfect for such events. Check our our array of products here.

Is Your Event Indoors or Outdoors?

Ditch the porta-potty blues and elevate your next event in Pompano Beach with luxury trailer rentals! Whether it’s an elegant wedding reception under the stars or a high-energy music festival, having additional restrooms is a surefire way to keep your guests comfortable and happy. No one enjoys waiting in long lines, and frustrated attendees stuck in the “pee dance” are certainly not having a good time.

That’s where Doodie Calls and our luxury trailer rentals in Pompano come in. We offer a wide range of spacious, well-maintained restroom trailers equipped with all the amenities you’d expect – flushing toilets, running water, and even climate control in some models. This ensures a clean, pleasant experience for everyone, allowing your guests to focus on enjoying your event.

How Many People Will be There? 

The rule of thumb is for every 50 people, 2 bathroom is ideal. The more people you have attending, the more porta potties you will need. If you are unsure of the number of people coming, it’s better to play it safe. You could really never go wrong with having too many bathrooms. No one has ever complained about not having to wait in line. 

With trailer rentals it’s a bit different but we offer a variety of trailers that will be perfect for any event grand or quaint. Browse our trailers or speak to a Doodie Calls team member today to have all of your questions answered!

How Long is Your Event?

The length of your event also plays a part in how many porta potties you will need. The longer it is=the more you will need. Research shows that for every four hours the event is, the number of bathrooms should increase. So regardless of the number of people attending, if the function is 8 hours long, you will need a minimum of 2 portable toilets. 

Will There be Alcohol?

The consumption of alcohol is probably not the first thing that came to mind when pondering about renting a luxury trailer, but if you really think about it, it has a lot of correlation. The more alcohol people consume, the more people will have to use the bathroom. It has been said to consider adding another 10/20% more porta potties if alcohol will be involved.

What is the Ratio Between Men and Women Attendance?

Have you ever been somewhere with a separate men and women’s bathroom and seen a longer line for the mens room? Probably not. Not only do women have to urinate more often than men, they also typically take longer in restrooms. If your event will be accompanied by a larger number of women than men, getting more rentals could go a long way. 

What are my Options for Luxury Trailer Rentals In Pompano?

We understand that event needs vary, which is why Doodie Calls offers a diverse selection of luxury trailer rentals in Pompano Beach. From compact trailers with 2-4 private stalls to spacious units featuring separate male and female restroom areas, we have the perfect solution for any size gathering.

No matter the event type or guest count, Doodie Calls ensures a comfortable and convenient restroom experience for everyone. Contact our friendly customer service team today and get a free quote on luxury trailer rentals in Pompano Beach! Let’s create a VIP restroom experience for your next event.

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