Festival Planning Guide in South Florida

It takes some planning to host an outdoor event in South Florida. In order to have a successful event, you must find a location that can handle large crowds. Even after you’ve reserved a space for a specific date and time, you still have to ensure your guests’ comfort. It can be easy to forget things which is why everyone needs a festival planning guide in South Florida for their next event.

If your event will feature alcohol or other kinds of beverages, it is imperative that you consider restrooms as an amenity. What is your best option? You can provide your attendees, hosts, and other staff with easy access to restrooms by renting portable toilets.

If you are planning an outdoor event in South Florida, here are the top reasons why you should rent portable bathrooms.

Comfort & Convenience 

When hosting an outdoor event, one of the first things to think about is proper restroom facilities. hen permanent restrooms are not available, portable toilets can come in handy. Choosing the type and amount of restrooms should be done early and strategically placed throughout the event.

Better Hygiene 

Porta potties are usually the only choice when there is a lack of physical bathrooms. In the absence of an on-site bathroom, your guests will have to go to the nearest gas station to use the facilities or do their business outside. 

It happens from time to time, especially if you’re serving alcohol. Lack of portable toilets may result in potties filling up before they can be pumped and cleaned if there aren’t enough for the number of attendees. Lack of toilets or inadequate toilets will leave your event venue smelling bad.

Less Mess

While you might be tempted to use the built-in facilities for an event, regular toilets usually require a lot more maintenance afterward. Not only do you need to keep them clean and sanitized, but worry about clogged toilets and restock.

Choose portable toilets for your next outdoor event and the company will do all the cleaning for you. Companies like Doodie Calls take care of the clean-up directly after your event.

Inexpensive Option

Renting a portable toilet is much cheaper and saves you money on water and time. Traditional bathrooms use a lot of water, from flushing to sink usage.

Mobile toilets also save electricity. There is no wiring for the lights in the units. When the device is in use, it is viewed through incident sunlight or moonlight, or with the help of battery-operated motion detector lights.

If you are planning an outdoor event and want more information on renting portable toilets in South Florida, please contact the knowledgeable staff at Doodie Calls. Call and reserve your potties today!

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