Event Planning Tips for Portable Toilets

Renting a portable toilet in Pompano Beach probably isn’t the most glamorous part of event planning, but it is one of the most important. Keeping your visitors comfortable is at the forefront of an excellent event. Most individuals will not return if they have to leave due to poor accommodations. Here are essential event planning tips for portable toilets. 

Strategic Placement 

No matter how many portable toilets are available at your gathering, if people cannot promptly and easily use them then they aren’t useful. The proper placement of portable toilets helps you successfully service the demands of large crowds. That being said, make sure a portable toilet is visible and within walking distance.

Many event organizers plan ahead of time by installing a large number of portable toilets towards the heart of their event, and a lesser number around the perimeter and corners. Remember to place these toilets in visible areas. Also, establish accommodations just in case you experience a high volume of people.

Keep Sanitation Supplies On Deck 

Keeping your portable toilets in top shape is key to leaving a positive impression on your guests. Nobody wants to deal with gross bathrooms, especially in a lovely spot like Pompano Beach! So, make sure you’ve got enough supplies on hand to keep things clean and comfortable. Think toilet paper, wipes, feminine products, and some air freshener to keep things smelling nice. It’s all about creating a pleasant experience for everyone attending your event!

Many portable toilet rental services also provide luxurious amenities such as washroom trailers. These units usually have sinks, flushing toilets, and even heating and air conditioning to mimic the comfort of a home restroom.

Rent a Safe Amount of Restrooms 

“How many units will be required for your event?” This question is not as simple to answer as you may think since various factors come into play. Serving refreshments at your event, for example, will heighten restroom use.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration makes guidelines on how many portable toilets should be present on building sites. These suggestions might help you estimate the number of portable toilets you’ll need for practically any occasion.

According to OSHA, a construction site with 200 or more workers requires at least one toilet seat and one urinal for every 50 employees. Again, if you’ll be offering drinks and snacks, increase the quantity to avoid complications caused by unexpected demand.

Get Information on Permits 

According to the Florida Department of Health, anybody who operates portable toilets or hand-washing stations must acquire a permit from their county’s health department. In other words, the owner of the portable bathrooms, not the tenant, must obtain a permit. Which simplifies the leasing procedure. 

If you’re hosting an event on your own property or renting toilets for a construction site, you won’t need a permit in most regions of the US. Nevertheless, it will be up to your local government, health department, and the owner of the site where the event will take place to decide.

For further details on permit requirements, it’s best to chat with the Doodie Calls rental service. They’re pros at navigating the local rules and regulations regarding permits, ensuring everything’s squared away. Rest assured, with Doodie Calls on your side, you’ll have all your permit needs covered.

Renting portable sanitation for your future events shouldn’t bring you stress.  Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you’re arranging an event, and contact Doodie Calls so we can help you make it a success.

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