Handwashing Sink Rentals in Florida

Handwashing Sink Rentals in Florida

These fully mobile, eco-friendly and affordable sink rentals make it convenient to maintain hygienic practices even in difficult circumstances. 

It’s safe to say the Covid-19 pandemic underscored the importance of proper hygiene, particularly, frequent hand washing. Usually, this isn’t a problem if the facilities are available. However, public events, construction sites and outdoor venues often have no suitable handwashing stations available. 

The situation becomes more bizarre when you consider that many guests are using the restrooms without washing their hands afterwards. 

As standard porta potties have only limited handwashing capabilities, they do not completely solve your sanitary needs. But not everyone can rent a luxury restroom trailer. Fortunately, Doodie Calls offers separate hand wash sink rentals in Florida that are flexible and cost-effective. 

Our portable hand wash stations are fully capable of meeting your handwashing needs without your having to enter a restroom. If your event will be largely serviced by regular porta potties, you will definitely find portable hand wash stations useful. 

What Is a Portable Hand Wash Station? 

A portable hand wash station is a standalone sink rental that comes equipped with soap dispensers for handwashing. The built-in tanks for fresh water and wastewater allow the hand washing unit to be self-contained, flexible and fully mobile

Doodie Calls portable sink rentals come with foot pumps that allow you to wash both hands at a time. This ensures that the sink rental itself remains sanitary, since the faucets are not operated by hand. 

Our standalone hand washing units do not require any plumbing, electricity or external water source. They are the perfect hygiene solution for outdoor events, construction sites, or emergency response locations. 

Benefits of Handwashing Sink Rentals 

Portable hand wash stations or sink rentals ensure total hand hygiene in a variety of circumstances. They are easy to install at any site, and are known for their convenience, affordability and eco-friendly compliance with sanitary regulations at public events. 

     1. Hand Wash Sink Rentals are Eco-friendly 

When you use portable hand wash stations, you are doing your bit for the environment by avoiding wasteful plumbing and use of harmful fossil fuels to generate power.  You can reuse the same hand wash sink for different sites, since they are standalone units. 

This cost-effective, eco-friendly toilet not only benefits the planet, but it also saves you time and money because there is no need for heavy installation, plumbing, or electricity costs.

You also conserve water when you use a portable hand wash station from Doodie Calls. Our sink rentals are capable of storing up to 90 liters of clean water, all of which is captured as waste water after use. 

     2. Hand Wash Sink Rentals are Flexible 

The mobile nature of handwashing sink rentals in Florida makes them extremely flexible for use in construction sites. As a local company, at Doodie Calls we pride ourselves on our quality customer service, exceptional rentals, and flexibility to meet your needs. A portable hand wash station can be moved around to accommodate the growth of the construction project, and can even service multiple locations. 

Doodie Calls’ sink rentals are fully mobile and easy to move around between different locations to meet the hygiene needs of several construction teams. This flexibility allows for convenience in maintaining personal hygiene around different workstations without necessitating a long trek to a fixed handwashing sink. 

     3. Hand Wash Sink Rentals ensure Proper Hygiene 

If you’re organizing a large event with a limited budget, you may have to rent basic portable toilets in place of luxury restroom trailers. Getting separate hand wash stations ensures proper hygiene standards, even if your event is serviced solely by regular porta potties. 

At Doodie Calls, all our special event porta potties come with sanitizer dispensers attached. However, our standalone handwashing sink rentals take this a step further by providing soap dispensers and paper towels for guests at your event to maintain germ-free hands.

     4. Hand Wash Sink Rentals are Versatile 

Proper hygiene is not in any way limited to events and gatherings – disaster relief teams, emergency response locations and construction sites all need to stay hygienic. 

Portable hand washing stations can be used in a variety of circumstances for maintaining sanitary conditions. At festivals, secluded workstations, or outdoor gatherings, hand wash sink rentals can easily be adapted to meet personal hygiene needs. 

When you get a hand wash station from Doodie Calls, count on reliable delivery to your venue or site. 

     5. Hand Wash Sink Rentals are Cost-effective 

Rather than pay expensive fees for plumbing and power supply, simply acquire a fully self-contained mobile hand wash station and cut out all installation costs. It’s the perfect way to save money and yet maintain decent hygiene standards. 

Our sink rentals are affordable handwashing facilities that require no extra fees besides the rental. Since the water tanks can be refilled without electricity or underground plumbing, it’s easy and mess free. With Doodie Calls’ hand wash stations, you get more than what you pay for. 

How Much do Sink Rentals Cost? 

Unlike fixed handwashing sinks, portable hand wash stations are fully self-contained mobile units. This makes them more sustainable, environmentally friendlier, and in fact, cheaper since electricity tariffs will not add to your cost.

Since no installation or maintenance fees are required, the sole expense in acquiring a portable hand wash sink station from Doodie Calls is the rental fee. The exact amount will vary based on the number of hand wash stations, and the location where they are needed. 

At Doodie Calls we offer the two-sink Tag 2 station. This stand alone hand wash station comes stocked with soap and paper towels with up to 600 washes before needing to be restocked. Contact the Doodie Calls customer service team to discuss pricing and quantity of units you’ll need.

Maintain Hygienic Practices with Doodie Calls’ Handwashing Sink Rentals 

Hand washing is a big part of personal hygiene, especially in these post-Covid times. If you’re holding an event that will need portable restrooms, you will need rental sinks. Make hat event a success by acquiring portable hand wash sink rentals from Doodie Calls. 

As Florida’s leading provider of portable toilets, restroom trailers and hand wash stations, we have a reputation of delivering clean, portable hygiene solutions for events, construction sites, and disaster relief locations. Contact us today, to learn more about our available offerings, or request a quote 

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