ADA Porta Potty

What is an ADA Compliant Porta Potty?

Americans Disability Act

The ADA, or Americans Disability Act, is a civil rights law that prohibits discimination against individuals with disabilities. At Doodie Calls, we take the ADA law very seriously when considering the design and functionality of our portable restrooms. 

Handicap Restroom Trailers

No need to worry about not being able to fit a wheelchair through our portable bathroom doors. Not only do we service porta potties with a wider door, but attach a ramp to them as well to make your use of the bathroom as accessible as possible. 

To provide you with a safe and easy entrance and exit into our bathroom units, we allot enough space for a wheelchair to carry out a three point turn (360 degrees). Thing way, you don’t have to worry about blindly backing out of the trailer in a wheelchair. 

ADA Porta Potty

Comfortability and maneuverability is very important when it comes to handicap restroom trailers. Our goal at Doodie Calls is to make sure everyone gets to have a safe and comfortable portable bathroom experience.

Usability is easy with handicap restroom trailers. Installed are interior grab bars to help execute balance while transitioning from wheelchair to toilet.  Reaching for toilet paper also won’t be a problem. ADA porta potties have the toilet paper rolls in reach to prevent falls and other troubles that could occur. 

ADA Compliant Porta Potty

We supply a wide variety of ADA compliant porta potties at Doodie Calls. Our handicap accessible trailers range from single bathroom units to restroom and shower combo trailers. 

Not only do ADA porta potties convenience individuals with disabilities, but families as well. The large space of an ADA compliant restroom allow room for families to easily fit all at once. This is beneficial for parents of young children who are not able to go to the bathroom on their own yet. 

How Can You Tell if a Restroom Trailer is Handicap Accessible? 

It is required that all ADA compliant bathrooms have a place card on them indicating such. Typically, they will be in the form of the blue handicap sticker so they are easy to spot. For individuals who are visibly challenged, the place cards also include braille text

Where to find a Handicap Restroom Trailer

Anytime a location is supplied with porta potties, the ADA requires at least one handicap accessible unit on scene. Whether it be at a sports field, outdoor concert venue, job sites, or amusement park, an ADA compliant porta potty will be accessible. In particular, any outdoor site that hosts more than ten people should accommodate one handicap porta potty, according to the ADA.

Renting ADA Compliant Porta Potties

If you are in need of a handicap accessible porta potty, look no further. Doodie Calls, located in South Florida, carries a multitude of ADA restroom trailers perfect for any event. Provide your guests with safety and comfort by choosing Doodie Calls to facilitate your next function with a clean and accessible bathroom experience for all. 

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