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Upgrade Your Campsite Facilities

Many people go camping or glamping to spend time outdoors, but how close to nature would you like to get? The glamping craze has worked to debunk many stereotypes about the camping experience in recent years. One of them is that the restrooms are disgusting.  Campground owners and event organizers cannot afford to underestimate the value of their facilities. It might be one of the most important factors in determining whether or not campers will return to your site or event. There are several issues that campground owners make when it comes to restroom facilities. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your campsite facilities for guests.

Distance From The Pitch 

While many campers enjoy roaming in the woods, no one would prefer to stay out there when duty calls. Especially late at night or in inclement weather. Of course, it is better to adequately consider where to position your facilities if you are establishing a campground. Campers may find themselves needing to walk to the bathroom.

Having extra facilities is the logical option, but there is always the expense to consider. While it’s easy to think the few times your visitors will have to use the facilities won’t make much of a difference, each journey could take at least 20 minutes, as opposed to five minutes.

It’s worth noting that most people who go camping want to escape their daily struggles. Making toilet trips into a mission won’t be overlooked. So, instead of asking how much it would cost to rent new facilities, consider how much it may cost not to.


You may supplement these efforts by placing sanitation stations at each of your property’s entrances.  Consider places within your property or on your site where enhanced sanitation would be most beneficial.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests placing sanitizing stations near regions and situations where handwashing is required, such as contacting any public surfaces, touching your face, shaking hands, before and after eating, and handling garbage. By placing sanitation stations near these potential locations of exposure, you provide an easy opportunity to disinfect right away.

When renting toilet and shower facilities, we advise campsite owners to engage with those who have experience with campers. Who recognize how critical it is for you and your employees to be able to administer to these facilities as quickly and easily as possible.

Water Conservation 

While we don’t want to take away from your luxurious experience, most campsites may want to say eco-friendly. Water is a valuable resource that is essential for life to exist. Many people and organizations take pleasure in their efforts to minimize water use in order to protect the environment.

When you invest in the correct portable toilet unit, you can ensure that your event adheres to your organization’s commitment to conservation measures while still providing the convenience of a flushing toilet.

Portable toilets utilize less water than regular toilets. Some units flush waste using just the chemicals in their holding tanks, with no water utilized. If you hire one of these types of portable toilets, your visitors may still use a flushing toilet during your event without using too much water.

Hire A Professional

Do you oversee a construction site, a business or retail location,  or host an event? Implement these practices to contribute to better public health and safety. Doodie Calls can assist you with your portable facility rental requirements. Give us a call to get the services you want.

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