Types of Porta Potties You Can Rent


There is no one who does not use the washroom. Yet, there are many places that lack the accommodations needed to make your employees or guests comfortable. That is where Doodie Calls comes in. This article is all about the types of porta potties you can rent and which will be best for you.

There are many construction sites and locations where bathrooms haven’t been constructed yet, making it a potentially dangerous situation for contractors and workers. If you don’t have access to a bathroom, renting a portable washroom – commonly referred to as a porta potty – is a great option.

Reasons You May Need a Porta Potty

People rent porta potties when there isn’t an available washroom. Various situations can benefit from a rental, including construction sites, concerts, campgrounds, and temporary buildings. 

Parks, fields, and special locations are often the location of special events. It is ideal for these spaces to have portable toilets since they aren’t equipped with toilets or outhouses. If you need more washroom facilities, you can also rent a potty. Event facilities can be challenged by a limited number of washrooms per person. You can increase that number when you rent porta potties.

When to Rent Porta Potties

When you’re hosting an outdoor or partially outdoor event, it’s wise to rent porta potties. There may not be sufficient indoor restroom facilities nearby, which is especially important. Additionally, you can use them for events that require low indoor traffic. Portable restrooms are commonly rented for events such as:

  • Events for corporations
  • Outdoor Weddings
  • Family Reunions
  • Concerts
  • Trade shows, farmer’s markets, and outdoor craft markets
  • Food festivals
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting tournaments and events

It’s not just large crowds that can benefit from portable toilets. Renting is often chosen during renovations or construction so that workers do not track debris throughout the house. 

One of the quickest ways to earn the status of an excellent host is to provide your guests with enough porcelain thrones. Porta potties help keep your event clean, despite their somewhat negative reputation.

Different Types of Porta Potties you can Rent

1. Standard Porta Potties

Standard portable toilets are the most common and basic option. You’ve likely sat in one before. The best option may be to rent a large number of portable toilets. 

Concerts, festivals, and other large gatherings where many of these are needed to meet attendees’ demands are great candidates for these. Certain places, such as job sites, must have a certain number of them available.

2. ADA-Accessible Porta Potties

For those unable to use a standard portable toilet, handicapped-accessible toilets are larger and wider, with proper and ADA-compliant accommodations. At least one of these should be on hand for your event. 

3. Porta Potties With a Sink

When access to sinks is limited, portable toilets with sinks, paper towels, and soap dispensers can be extremely useful. They will be appreciated by your guests or other users of the porta john rental since they can wash their hands without searching for water or soap.

4. Porta Potties with a Changing Station

Renting portable toilets for an event requires you to think about it. Does it have a family-friendly atmosphere? Porta potties with changing stations are probably what you need if this is the case. 

It is great to have a portable toilet that has a fold-down changing table and extra space for parents and other caregivers at your event.

5. Flushable Porta Potties

Adding a flushable portable toilet to your portable bathrooms will upgrade your bathroom. In case of a large party or special event, you may want to splurge on flushable toilets. 

Unlike your standard porta potty, a flushable porta potty includes a holding tank and a flushable toilet. 

The majority of these units are also equipped with a sink, soap dispenser, paper towels, and a mirror. It may not be ideal to use an outdoor restroom, but flushable toilets can help ease the discomfort.

6. Construction/Towable Porta Potties

It is very easy to move and transport porta-potties designed for construction sites because they are equipped with wheels or crane hooks. A trailer is attached to towable models, which gives you the freedom to take them anywhere.

Factors to Consider

  • Attendance at the event

You may want to estimate the number of guests you expect as you begin planning your event. Some events are easy to plan, but others can be challenging. 

  • Attendees’ types

The type of people attending your event is the next factor to consider. It is generally more common for women to use the restroom than for men. Thus, if you’re expecting mostly men, you will need fewer porta potties than if you’re expecting mostly women. 

  • Event type

When renting porta potties for an event, you should consider the type of people you expect. Smaller events often benefit from luxury porta potties. Luxury events benefit from them as well. 

  • Rental features

Choosing the right type of porta potty is also important. Toilets and urinals are included in a standard porta potty. You might also find a hand sanitizer inside. You often see standard units of portable toilets.

  • Rental cost

It is also a good idea to factor in the cost of renting porta potties. Getting quotes from several companies makes it easy to compare rental costs. With each company you talk to about portable toilet rentals, you can compare the costs of standard toilets and luxury ones. 

  • Cleaning standards 

Ask the portable toilet rental company what their cleaning standards are as soon as you begin your search. Make sure to ask if the potties will be cleaned during your event. There might be fewer toilets needed if they do. 

What is the Cost of Renting Porta Potties?

It is quite affordable to rent porta potties. For daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, porta potty rentals can be for only the unit or trailer without maintenance. Or, you can opt for a cleaning fee that will vary by the frequency.

This is an average price for portable toilet rentals, but it can vary depending on the location and availability. Although porta johns are a basic need, their rental costs are quite reasonable. 

Daily cleanings are also included in these costs. On weekends and throughout the week, additional cleanings are available.

Bottom Line

All areas offer porta potty rentals, which are popular services. Various options are available for these toilets, making them perfect for all types of outdoor events. In an event with a large crowd, portable toilet rentals are a great investment. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit around and cross their legs. Your location will be kept clean, your movement will be organized, and your guests will be satisfied. For more tips follow our pages.

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