Event Bathroom Rentals in Florida

Top Event Bathroom Rentals in Florida: Luxury Solutions for Your Special Occasions

When organizing an event in Florida, don’t compromise on restroom facilities. You need options that not only ensure your guests have ample space but also present a touch of elegance. At Doodie Calls, we offer a comprehensive range of portable sanitation services, from porta-potties to luxury restroom trailers, guaranteeing your event’s success. Let’s delve into the different portable restroom options tailored for your outdoor event needs.

Portable Toilet Options

Doodie Calls is your one-stop shop for all your portable sanitation needs, ensuring your event is truly spectacular. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors or settling for a subpar trailer due to limited stock. At Doodie Calls, we’ve got you covered with everything you could possibly need. When ordering event bathroom rentals, it’s crucial to choose a company that offers expert advice on both the quantity of portables suggested and the thorough cleaning procedures of each unit.

Standard Portable Unit

This option is our most basic portable toilet offered. The standard unit offers basic features like self-closing hinges, heavy-duty latch, and a 60-gallon waste tank. This unit also comes with a toilet seat and cover, urinal, and coat hook. If you decide to rent the standard portable unit we recommend our clients also rent a hand washing station.

Standard Restroom with Sink

Similar to the standard portable unit, however, this restroom comes with a built-in sink. This restroom unit has a 12-gallon fresh water capacity, foot pump operation, and all other features the standard portable unit has. This option is great if you don’t want to have to rent a handwashing station separately.

Ambassador Flushable Unit

Again, similar to the standard portable unit, but with flushable capabilities. The ambassador option has a 12-gallon freshwater tank, a 40-gallon waste holding tank, and a foot pump flush. This toilet unit comes complete with all the same features as the standard units including a coat hook and urinal. Other great features included are a pro-mount board with a soap dispenser, mirror, and paper towel dispenser.

ADA Liberty

This is our first ADA-compliant restroom rental with a spacious wheelchair-accessible unit. This unit is non-flushable but has a larger interior for maximum wheelchair maneuverability. Also included are anti-slip flooring and is at ground level so no ramp is necessary. The ADA Liberty is also perfect for families with small children who are too young to use the facilities alone.


Lastly, our largest porta-potty rental has been re-engineered for added strength and space. Very similar to the Liberty, however, with new features including a vacuum-formed base, reinforced side panels, and longer handrails. It also includes molded vents, plastic carrying handles, and a stronger roof, door frame, and latch. The freedom unit is roughly 25 square feet larger than the standard unit.

Restroom Trailer Rentals

If you are in the market for a more upscale restroom rental we offer several options of portable restroom trailers. These restroom trailers are perfect for outdoor weddings or events with a larger group of people. The restroom trailer rentals we offer at Doodie Calls are:

2 Station Restroom Trailer

For something a little more appealing to the eye than a porta-potty, restroom trailers are the way to go. However, if you don’t have the space or a large guest list, a 2 station restroom is the perfect option. This restroom trailer offers two fully functional restrooms with heating and air conditioning. It also has hot or cold running water and a beautiful interior with decorative laminate floors.

3 Stall Combo

If you need something a bit larger our 3 stall combo comes not only with three restrooms, but three private showers as well. This option is one of our satellite trailers which features an AM/FM Bluetooth entertainment package. This allows the event planner, bride, or guest to play their choice of music wirelessly.

10 Station Restroom Trailer

This trailer is perfect when throwing an outdoor event with a large number of guests. Some of the features include two enclosed stalls and three urinals for the men. For the ladies, five enclosed stalls with vanity and two porcelain sinks. The interior is beautiful with grey walls, a chic accent wall, floating cabinets, LED interior lights, and custom etched mirrors.

10 Station Restroom Satellite

This is one of the nicest and most spacious restroom trailers we offer. Just like the 10 station trailer, but offering the satellite features as well.  Offering heating and air conditioning options, hot and cold running water, simulated wood flooring, and a gorgeous interior.

Choose Doodie Calls for Your Next Outdoor Event in Florida

If you are planning on throwing any type of outdoor event in Florida and need reliable equipment and service, choose Doodie Calls. We have options for every event and the number of guests you plan on having. Offering fully inclusive portable restroom options whether you need a porta-potty or 11 stations fully equipped trailer. We are here to make your dream event a reality. When it comes to restroom facilities, we’ve got you covered.

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