Top 5 Uses For Shower Trailers

The significance of shower trailers cannot be denied, especially in areas that constantly face warm weather. For example, Florida is a place where frequent weather change is not uncommon and people feel the need for permanent showers. In case you do not have any access to a permanent shower system, there is always the option for portable shower trailers.  

Nowadays, various companies provide portable shower trailers that can include unique interior lighting and other water heating systems. As well as providing you with a stunning experience. If you are looking to expand your knowledge regarding the use of shower trailers, read this article in which we have discussed the top five major uses of shower trailers. 

1. Construction or Renovation Sites 

When you are involved in construction work and proceeding with the reconstruction of bathrooms, you will need a portable shower trailer. 8-stall shower trailers are the perfect choice when both men and women will be using them. It is also a great option for workers who are staying at the construction site for long periods of time. These 8-stall shower trailers come with two commodes and two shower systems that provide all the facilities that are needed for bathing and showering purposes. 

The major facilities that you can avail of in these portable shower trailers include tissue dispensers, water heating systems, hand washing sinks, and air conditioning setup. At the construction sites where everyone is very busy, these shower systems save time and provide the most convenient showering options. If the workers are in a remote area where there is no access to any kind of bathing facilities, having these shower trailers provides the option for showering while on site. 

2. Disaster Relief

If you have ever experienced a flood or any other natural disaster, the water that comes from these disasters  can make you mentally and physically sick. In the case of flooding, the dirty water that touches your body is highly contaminated with germs and pathogens. Oftentimes,  it is quite difficult to find clean water for bathing purposes during these tragedies. 

The fact is, emergencies can happen anytime, and anywhere. Having a portable shower trailer in a disastrous situation can ensure safe and sanitary water for bathing. A simple task, like having the ability to shower after a natural disaster, can give you peace of mind during a stressful time. People living in hurricane-prone areas should also pay special attention to this important bathing and showering equipment. 

3. Athletic Events

To keep themselves clean and ready to go, athletes need regular and frequent showers. Having portable shower trailers at sports tournaments and events allows the athletes to shower and cool down between each game. At the collegiate and professional levels of athletics, there are normally locker rooms that contain showers and bathrooms for the athletes. However, some schools or specific sporting events may not have access to these amenities. 

High school level, or traveling sports teams may not have the opportunity to play at events that have full shower locker rooms. With portable shower trailers, these athletes are given the opportunity to rinse off when they don’t have the luxury of running home in between games.  

Thus, there is a dire need to promote the culture of using portable shower trailers in the athletic environment. All the players and team members can use these amenities at the same time when a large 28-stall shower trailer is present. Buying a very large shower trailer is a great option for long-term use and to accommodate more people at once. 

4. Outdoor Events

Outdoor events, especially in a climate like Florida, can be a sweaty mess. You go to events like music festivals to enjoy some live music and fresh air, but not with the sun beating down on you while everyone is huddling together sweating. Can anyone really enjoy themselves for full day or multiple day events without showering? I think not!

From multi-day music festivals to outdoor yoga retreats, you must have observed the people standing under the pine trees and sweating excessively. This seems quite awkward, less beautiful and boring, because when your body is overheating there is no way to enjoy anything. By using portable shower trailers, you can keep yourself calm and energetic anywhere you want and for days on end. Adjustable water cooling and heating systems in the shower trailers make it possible for you to choose the temperature to accommodate your needs. 

If you want to add a more luxury feel to your outdoor event, you can hire an attendant. This person is responsible for taking care of the shower and maintenance of the water cooling system. This helps prevent the trailers from becoming messy and untidy from all the use.  

5. Hunting or Camping Trips

A 10-stall shower trailer system is highly recommended for hunting and camping purposes. Hunting may be a tiresome and all day and night activity. When hunting, especially in warm weather, there is a lot of sitting around in the hot sun and waiting. Sitting for hours sweating and trying to be as quiet as a mouse. Even in cooler climates people find themselves getting hot and damp in all the layers. 

The same is the case with camping. When you decide to sleep outdoors, it is quite normal that you may not find the proper showering system. Whether conditions are constantly changing which can create a lot of discomfort when getting soaked and cold from the rain. Portable shower trailers give these hunters and campers the option to shower after a long day outside. 

Conclusion on Shower Trailers

Undoubtedly, a portable shower trailer is something that everyone should consider, especially for outdoor events and activities. It creates a more enjoyable experience while under the hot sun. If you are looking for portable shower trailer options for your next event, look no further. 
Doodie Calls is a Florida-based company that can provide you with portable shower trailers and bathrooms for any situation. You can also hire them for event services throughout Florida. Overall, they are currently providing services to more than 34 counties in Florida and are ready to help you.

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