Tips for Preventing Portable Toilet Tip-Overs

Portable toilets are required for practically any outdoor event, from school carnivals and summer celebrations to weddings and business gatherings. However, if one of your toilets collapses, it can quickly ruin any wonderful celebration. Tip-overs are not only inconvenient to deal with; they may also result in significant harm for everyone inside. When arranging your porta potty rentals, safety should always come first. Continue reading to find out tips for preventing portable toilet tip-overs.

Consider The Terrain 

The location of your portable toilets is essential for keeping them upright and functioning. Keep the following suggestions in mind as you select the best locations for your portable restrooms: 

  • Set your portable toilet in a dry, flat area at all times. Wet or damp earth might easily move and tip your porta potty over. 
  • Consider how the landscape could alter during or after a rainstorm. Rainfall may convert a dry environment into a muddy mess, making portable toilets unstable. 
  • Avoid sandy regions and other locations prone to erosion. Continuously deteriorating ground might destabilize your restroom and increase its likelihood of tipping over. 
  • Keep your portable toilets away from the curb. Curbs pose a tripping danger for visitors entering and departing the unit, increasing the possibility of an unintentional tip-over.

If you have a large number of restrooms for an event, arranging them in a long row can assist minimize tip-overs.

Sturdy Structures Add Support 

Brick walls and structures can give extra help for your portable toilets, particularly in windy places. Resting your porta potties against a stable building will keep high winds from pushing them over. Additionally, using a building, wall, or other sturdy structure as support decreases the possibility of people pushing over your portable toilets. Placing numerous portable toilets in a row not only strengthens the stability of each individual toilet but also makes them easier for guests to use.

Use Stakes 

High gusts can cause freestanding portable toilets to topple over, although specially built anchors can help prevent this. These anchors look like huge staples and fit over the skids on either side of the portable toilet. The stakes aid in securing the unit.

Secure After Hours 

Some events are only for one day, while others may last several days. Packing up and carting away portable toilets at the end of each day is just not an option in many situations.

After the festivities have concluded, lock each portable toilet to prevent illegal use. Locking the doors of your toilets will also keep individuals away from vandalizing and damage to the interior of the unit. Limiting portable toilet usage after hours minimizes the possibility of accidents and vandalizations. 

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