Shower Trailers for Sporting Events

Most collegiate and professional level sports teams have the convenience of showing, getting ready, and using the facilities in a private locker room. However, when it comes to smaller colleges, high schools, or semi-professional leagues, they may not have access to this option. This is where portable shower trailers for sporting events come in into play.

When playing at a lower level many sports programs do not have the funding to have the luxury of a private locker room. This being said, there should be options when it comes to restroom and shower options.

Luckily, Doodie Calls has the perfect solution for this dilemma. At Doodie Calls we offer portable shower trailers options that are spacious and convenient. Below are the main reasons you should consider shower trailers for your sporting events.

Athlete Care

After a long day of practice or a game against another team, an athlete’s number one concern should be their performance and health. This is where shower trailers contribute to the overall well-being of your athletes. Your athletes should have the availability of a shower following a sporting event even if a locker room is not provided.

Moreover, it is frequent that a sports team travels for games or competitions. This being said, providing athletes with shower trailers to rinse off before their long journey back home is essential.


Another concern that comes into play when athletes are unable to shower or clean themselves off is sanitation. If an athlete does not have access to the proper hygiene after a game, bodily fluids on busses transferring athletes back home can spread unwanted bacteria.

It is important, especially for those who play contact sports, to stay as healthy as possible. This can be done through simple things such as showering and properly sanitizing following a game or practice.

Quality and Design

Portable shower trailers at Doodie Calls are top-of-the-line equipment, offering modern features, spacious cabins, and complete privacy. Each shower stall comes equipped with a changing area, shower, and private lock.

The units also come with a heating and air conditioning unit to ensure that athletes are comfortable at all times. Moreover, our shower trailers come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate large groups to no more than a few people at a time.

Restroom Trailers for Spectators

Now that we have the athletes covered, offering proper facilities for spectators and fans is important. Not all fields or sporting events offer proper restrooms which is why we have many options available at Doodie Calls. From porta-potties to 11 station restroom trailers, we gave you covered at your next sporting event.

Choose Doodie Calls for Shower Trailers for Sporting Events

If you are planning your next sporting event not only are proper restroom facilities important but providing the athletes with showering facilities is a must. If you don’t have the luxury of offering private locker rooms Doodie Calls has you covered. We offer luxury portable restrooms and shower trailers to elevate your next sporting event. At Doodie Calls, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service, equipment, as well as quick and efficient delivery. We are here for you 24hours a day, so contact us today for all your sanitization needs.

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