Sanitation Services at Key West Literary Seminar

The Key West Literary Seminar delves into a different literary subject annually. We’re looking for literary studies of the profane and the profound, imaginative, visual, and profoundly felt, for “A Seminar Named Desire.” This will be a one-of-a-kind dialogue amongst some of today’s most prominent writers. This seminar will address the primal impulse at the heart of human activity: desire. However, with the rise in numbers of Covid Doodie Calls is partnering to bring sanitation services at the Key West Literary Seminar this year.

About the Key West Literary Seminar

The Key West Literary Seminar brings readers, as well as authors to gather at Florida’s warm peninsula. Our signature program is the annual Seminar, a four-day event in January. Covering a variety of literary subjects each year, where readers from all over enjoy talks by some of today’s finest writers. Furthermore, this event includes some of the world’s most prominent writers listed below, more to come. 

  • Judy Blume, a Key West native who is widely acclaimed for 29 brilliant children’s books, as well as young adult classics. 
  • Jami Attenberg- New York Times bestselling novelist of “The Middlesteins” and “All This Could Be Yours,” 
  • Tom Perrotta, whose novels “The Leftovers” and “Mrs. Fletcher” also were made into HBO television series.
  • Jericho Brown’s collection “The Tradition” was awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Writers Workshop Program 

The program formally begins on Monday evening with an orientation supper. Workshop lessons begin on Tuesday AM and continue each day until the last class on Friday (four days of classes). All seminars gather for three hours every day (usually from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., although there are exceptions). Several (but not all) seminars will demand some preliminary reading and/or a writing submission.

Individuals attend daily workshop events in a classroom with a lecturer and eleven other students. Afternoon, as well as evening gatherings, provide a time to interact with the wider group of session attendees (approximately 100 people). These include incentives to sail with other program participants and a concluding celebration.

A Scholarship Program 

Cuts seminar and workshop expenses for instructors and librarians while also recognizing the work of exceptional developing authors. Every summer, our Young Writers Studio delivers world-class academic skills and composition training to local high schoolers. Additionally, our year-round Literary Walking Tour offers a 90-minute promenade through historical Key West.

The Audio Collection

The audio collection contains exclusive recordings from the Seminar dating back thirty years. Our online magazine, Littoral, contains reports, articles, images, and other materials documenting Key West’s rich history.

Covid Protocols 

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, all seminar meetings and programs will take place outside. The majority take place under a big open-ended saddle span tent at Key West’s Coffee Butler Amphitheater, 21 Quay Road. Planners will ensure that attendees follow CDC masking guidelines and present confirmation of immunization or a negative COVID-19 test.


Doodie Calls at Key West Seminar 

This year Doodie Calls is providing all portable sanitation needs, from restrooms to handwashing stations. Doodie Calls has provided portable sanitation equipment for events all over the State. Portable sanitation is important, especially for events that take place outdoors, because it provides proper sanitation with convenience and minimal maintenance. 

Hiring a company like Doodie Calls to help provide portable restrooms allows for strategic placement throughout the entire event. Whether exploring the literary highlights of Key West during a walking tour. Or perusing through the audio collection there are portable sanitation options for your use. 

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