Top 5 Uses for Restroom Trailers in South Florida

Portable restroom options have been around for years. With more and more companies popping up offering options from porta-potties to 11 Station Satellite Restroom Trailers, why exactly do we need these products? Below we will discuss the top 5 reasons you may want to think of renting restroom trailers in South Florida. 

Flushable/  Running Water

When you think portable restroom many of our minds go to the standard porta-potty unit. These units tend to not have flushing capabilities and have a separate hand washing unit outside. However, when it comes to restroom trailers, this is not the case. These models of portable restrooms have flushing capabilities as well as running water. Portable restroom trailers operate much like our home restrooms with fully equipped sinks, as well as personal stalls for privacy. Flushable toilets eliminate the potential fowl orders that are associated with porta-potties that don’t have the same functions.

Being able to throw an event, like an outdoor wedding, and provide your guests with a restroom that has running water and flushing capabilities will exceed expectations.

Climate Control

With most of our restroom trailer options at Doodie Calls, we offer air conditioning and heating systems in each unit. Especially in a state like Florida with such hot climates, having a restroom trailer with air conditioning is essential. Not only do these spacious units allow for a spacious restroom experience, but a quick escape from the blazing sun. Especially for an outdoor wedding, a restroom trailer with air conditioning is vital for guests who are dressed, wearing makeup to do their business with a luxury feel.

Our trailers at Doodie Calls are equipped with an advanced cooling system that efficiently provides cool air while allowing the trailer to operate from a single 20-Amp electric service. Furthermore, the temperature is controlled by an easy-to-read digital thermostat.

Various Unit Options

When choosing a company to rent restroom trailers from, it is important to look to see how many unit options they provide. At Doodie Calls we offer:

  • 5 porta-potty options
  • 2 station restroom trailers
  • 3 stall combo
  • 10 station restroom trailers
  • 11 station restroom trailers

Having multiple restroom trailer options allows for you to choose accordingly depending on the size of your event and who you are accommodating. For a larger scale event, we recommend our larger trailer options to prevent long waiting lines. This also allows for men and women to have their own separate sections for comfort and privacy.


Another great reason to rent a restroom trailer is the mobility factor. If you are hosting an event that lasts more than 1 day, having the ability to move your restrooms periodically can be extremely beneficial. Whether you are doing so because of shade or for setup purposes, having the choice to relocate is essential.

Renting a portable restroom gives you the advantage of having your restrooms at multiple locations throughout the event. This is perfect if you have a space that has different shade conditions or layout issues that may affect where people are lining up for facilities. With our units being able to move, you will be able to give your guests comfort in any environment.

Appearance and Other Amenities

When it comes to renting any equipment or product, how it looks is important. When you are paying for guests to use a restroom trailer, they expect an upscale experience similar to their home bathrooms. At Doodie Calls we like to go above and beyond for our guests and supply cute decor on the interior and exterior of our units. We have candles, signs, flowers, and plants to help transform our portable units into something beautiful. Each restroom trailer has a well-lit interior allowing for easy assessability around the unit.

Another amenity option that comes with our larger units is an AM/FM Bluetooth Entertainment package. This allows the event planner, bride, or guest of honor to play their choice of music wirelessly from their mobile device into the trailer. This is perfect for events and weddings so no guest misses a moment, even when using the restroom.

Are You in Need of Restroom Trailers in South Florida

If you are looking to rent a restroom trailer in South Florida contact Doodie Calls. We have been servicing all over Florida since 2018 and have increased our operational reach to service 34 counties throughout the state. You can rely on Doodie Calls to provide you with clean portable toilets and fast, reliable service.

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