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Residential Renovations: What Can Doodie Calls Offer?

Residential Renovations can be very time consuming and sometimes space is limited. Working in someone else’s living space for a long period of time may bring discomfort to the workers and the homeowners. Having a separate place for workers to use the bathroom without rummaging through the house will benefit everyone involved. 

When working on Residential Renovations, no matter how big or small the job is, it’s always better to be extra prepared and well informed on what your options are. Doodie calls, specializes in supplying the residents of Florida with the highest quality of portable restroom trailers

Standard Porta Potty for Residential Renovations 

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) deem it to be essential for contractors to have a portable restroom on site. The rule of thumb is that it needs to be within 10 minutes to get to. So for a larger site, you may need more than one porta potty to exceed this requirement. 

Along with the distance between, the number of people on site also plays a part in how many outdoor restrooms are needed to be rented. Starting with 20 workers, 1 toilet must be accessible. For 40 workers, one toilet and one urinal needs to be provided. Call us if you have any questions on the OSHA requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

Standard Restroom with Sink 

Aside from the typical purpose of using a porta potty, there are additional benefits that can be provided as well. Most porta potty units don’t come with a sink thus requiring you to also rent a handwash station. When dealing with a home renovation, it probably isn’t the cleanest job. Construction work can do without the extra dirtiness of only having a hand sanitizer station after bathroom usage. The best thing to do, is to consider looking into a one stall standard restroom with a sink serviced by Doodie Calls. 

Handwashing Stations

Another option you have to keep the work environment as clean  and functional as possible, is a hand washing station. Renting one of these from Doodie Calls would be beneficial for job sites working on home renovations. It would be an easy way for workers to quickly wash there hands more periodically without having to either walk over to the restroom, or wait in a line. 

Doodie Calls supplies a Tag-2 Hand Wash Station. This state of the art product, includes a foot pump which takes hand washing to a whole other level. The convenience of a portable handwashing station is designed to improve your work experience during a home renovation. 

Luxury Porta Potty for Residential Renovations 

Once you’ve determined how many portable toilets you will need to rent, it’s time to choose from your variety of unit options. You could go the traditional route and get single units, or you could check out our restroom trailers. Doodie calls offers trailers from 2 stations, all the way up to 11 stations. These trailers provide a more cleaner experience as well as not having to wait in lines. 

Of course, you may not need an 11 person portable bathroom for 5 guys working on a kitchen renovation. However, for a bigger project, like building a home from the ground up, will require more workers which will call for higher bathroom demand. 

Doodie Calls offers luxury porta potty rentals. One of our most simplified versions is the axxis-ambassador flushable unit. This portable bathroom was developed to closely replicate a typical in-home bathroom, installed with high quality features.

 When working on site for a residential renovation, this would be a great choice. These luxury portable bathrooms would also allow for a cleaner bathroom experience for your workers who, again, may find themselves getting pretty dirty on the job. 

Fresh Water Systems

The Prime Time Pump by Doodie Calls is a self primer that simplifies installation. This fresh water system will pass air, whether it encounters air- lock or shallow drift. Different options are available. Contact us or request a quote for more information.

Portable Toilets for Residential Renovations Near Me

Are you a resident of Florida about to take on residential renovation projects? Are you trying to figure out what products to rent to simplify life during renovation for workers and homeowners? Look no further! Whether you’re in need of a portable restroom, handwashing station, or fresh water system, Doodie Calls has you covered.

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