Portable Toilets In Poor Weather

Imagine you’ve thoroughly prepared your event. You know where everything is going on, rented out excellent porta-potties and even built a pavilion for them. Then the unexpected happens: a storm hits. There’s significant rainfall and severe winds, and you’re wondering about your toilets. 

Because inclement weather might disrupt your outdoor event, you must be concerned about the safety of individuals who will use your portable toilets. These guidelines will assist you in keeping your portable toilets secure, thus keeping your clients, staff, and visitors safe. Continue reading to find out more about portable toilets and poor weather: what you need to know.


The location of your portable toilets has a big impact on overall sanitation. To maintain the toilets as clean as possible, you can use a variety of tactics. First, think about putting the washrooms underneath some kind of covering. 

Keep in mind not to leave the porta-potties out in the open. They should be kept under a shed or even a movable awning.

Next, if you can find a concrete surface to place the potties on, you will have greater stability than if you place them straight on the ground. If you don’t have a stable base, try to actively anchor down the toilets to keep them from shifting about.

Freezing Prevention

When the weather drops below freezing, you must take extra care with your portable toilet rentals. Most portable toilets feature a range of treatments within the tank to effectively reduce smells and bacteria development. This solution, however, may freeze.

You might want to consider putting a specific antifreeze substance in the tanks. But, you should speak with the rental company’s operator about this possibility. You might also have the toilets flushed out more often to minimize liquid build-up that could freeze in cold weather.

Create a Cleaning Routine 

When renting portable toilets, keep in mind that you must have a cleaning routine. This is especially important during inclement weather. 

First, during inclement weather, have someone ready to inspect the restrooms hourly. If you see any water or mud buildup on the surfaces, use a wet-dry vacuum to clean them. If you don’t have a wet-dry vacuum, make sure to dry the floors properly with towels for most of the day.

Rent Restroom Trailers 

You may modify regular porta potties to withstand the weather, or you can get a model designed to survive extreme conditions. Climate-controlled interiors in high-end portable restroom trailers provide year-round convenience.

These big luxury restrooms are ideal for individuals who are dressed warmly to withstand the chilly winter weather. Additionally, their sufficient internal illumination and low-level outside lights make them more user-friendly. 

This is especially important during the winter months when sunshine is scarce. As a result, bathroom trailers are an excellent choice for both early-morning and late-night gatherings.

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