Following ADA Regulations For Portable Toilets in Fort Meyers

When renting portable toilets in Fort Meyers, or any location hosting an outdoor event, it is important to have options for every guest and their needs. Even if you personally know each guest attending your event, ADA portables can make your guests feel more comfortable. Not only is it more comfortable for your guests, but there are regulations in the state of Florida that must be abided by when planning events open to the public. The regulations under the ADA (American Disability Association) require all business owners to make the proper arrangements to accommodate every individual, this includes offering ADA-compliant portable toilets and restrooms.

ADA-Compliant Portable Toilets 

ADA-compliant restrooms make it easier for those with disabilities, including wheelchair users. These units are not only larger but come equipped with easily accessible features. The extra space allows for each user to easily maneuver in the stall, operate faucets and sinks, and are equipped with easy entry. 

According to ADA-compliant requirements, portable restrooms must adhere to these requirements:

  • Floor level entrance or come with a ramp
  • Doors require a minimum clearance of 32 inches for wheelchair access
  • Hinge or magnetic doors to help with closing stalls
  • Each unit must be properly labeled with a blue handicap sign
  • The placement of the unit must be continuous and unobstructed
  • The space inside each unit must be large enough to complete a full 360-degrees turn in a wheelchair

How Many ADA Units Do I Need

In Fort Myers, event organizers are required to obtain a permit for any event with more than 50 attendees. When applying for your permit, be sure to include your plans for providing ADA-compliant portable toilets. The City of Fort Myers offers clear guidelines on their website to help you ensure your event meets all accessibility requirements. For any questions on ADA compliant portables or trailers, our team is more than happy to walk you through our products.

Not only do these units accommodate those with disabilities, but they are spacious enough to accommodate families with small children. If you are planning an event that will bring in a large number of families with small children plan accordingly. Don’t underestimate the convenience of the extra space provided from ADA portables. Families with children and elders will appreciate the roomy space.


One of the only exceptions to the 5%  guideline is when it comes to the construction industry. According to the United States Department of Labor, construction job sites with 20 people or less only require one portable toilet. For 20 or more there should be one toilet seat and one urinal per 40 workers. For 200 or more people there is a requirement for one toilet seat and one urinal per 50 workers. These units do not have to be ADA-compliant and can be only standard portable units.

That being said, this is the only exception when it comes to the ADA regulations, and all other employers must provide handicap-accessible restrooms even if they are only used by permanent employees. 

Difference Between ADA-Approved Unit & Handicap-Accessible Units

The biggest difference between the two is that all ADA-approved portable units are handicap accessible, however, the reverse is not true. Handicap-accessible units must follow wheelchair accessibility guidelines but are not subject to the other regulations of ADA-compliant units. 

For example, handicap-accessible units require enough interior space for a three-point wheelchair turn. Where the ADA-approved units must have enough space for a full 360-degree turn. The doors on a handicap unit do not have to be hinged like the ADA units which can make it difficult to shut without assistance. To fully understand the difference and what will be best for your event in Fort Myers, please contact our experienced team for assistance.

Let Doodie Calls Assist You

Doodie Calls services Fort Myers and the surrounding areas so if you are looking to rent portable toilets we are your one stop shop. From portable restrooms to trailers, Doodie Calls is your portable sanitation partner. Most luxury trailers can be customized to be ADA accessible. Our team raises the bar in customer service and satisfaction, check out our past events and evaluate for yourself. Our priority is delivering the highest quality products with a focus on safety and reliability. We won’t let you down, contact us today!

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