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Portable Toilet Rentals for Sporting Events

“Are You Ready for Some Football!” We all know what time of the year it is, football season. This is the time of year where sports are in full swing, whether NFL, college, or just high school. With football season upon us means attending football games and, of course, tailgating. However, one very important necessity that some sporting events lack is proper facilities. This is why you need portable toilet rentals for sporting events.

Why Portable Toilets

When you have a sporting event, more specifically outdoor sporting events,  portable toilets are your best option. They offer the most convenience in terms of space, portability, and overall sanitary measures. They are easy to set up, but most importantly they can be removed as soon as the event is over. In short, portable restrooms provide maximum flexibility for any sporting events with a need for additional sanitary facilities.

Even if there are proper facilities in the sporting event, what about tailgating? Oftentimes, tailgating happens in the parking lots or nearby property before the game. Allowing for fans to have a good time while getting pumped up for the game. Renting portable toilets for something like tailgating is perfect because of the convenience.


First, when it comes to space, setting up a portable toilet is much easier than setting up a permanent bathroom facility. Portable bathrooms can be set up with ease on grass or any other surface that may not be ideal for building a permanent structure.

Second, portable bathrooms can be moved and relocated in a matter of minutes. If you realize there is more foot traffic in another area of the event, there is always an option to relocate a portable toilet. Offering standard porta potties to full ADA compliant restrooms. 

Third, having portable toilet rentals and providing the perfect amount of facilities will help eliminate lines. The worst feeling is having to use the restroom, walking up the stairs to get to the facilities in the sporting event, and seeing the long line wrapping around the outside. Incorporating porta-potties and restroom trailers around the event gives guests a quicker option instead of waiting in long lines. 

Forth, choosing portable toilets is environmentally friendly. Traditional bathrooms take up a lot of water use, but portable toilets only use approximately one gallon per flush. If you choose the porta-potty route there is no flushing involved, thus, saving on gallons of water usage.

Lastly, choosing to rent portable toilets is a much cheaper option for sporting events with a tight budget.  Being able to provide adequate restroom facilities at a low cost is what makes this an ideal choice for any sporting event. There are many options when choosing the right portable restroom for your event. Rather than building extra restroom facilities for your next outdoor sporting event, rent portable toilets.

Choose Doodie Calls for Portable Toilet Rentals for Sporting Events

If you are hosting a sporting event in 2021 choose Doodie Calls for all of your restroom and sanitation trailer needs. With years of experience, you can rely on us to provide clean facilities. Our standard portable restrooms are comfortable, well ventilated, and completely private. Rely on us to deliver quick and efficient service within 24 – 48 hours. Offering anything from porta-potties, VIP restroom trailers, to shower trailers, Doodie Calls has you covered.

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