Portable Laundry Trailers

Portable units, including restroom trailers, hand washing stations, and portable showers, are typically used during outdoor events, construction sites, and disaster relief. These portable trailers are essential when lavatories and amenities are not available. However, a necessity that is often overlooked is laundry. Having clean clothes and textiles is essential for day-to-day life. 

Oftentimes, people overlook these trailers as essential especially when attending events that last multiple days. The thought process is that you pack enough clothing to last you each day of the trip. However, there are many different circumstances that these laundry trailers that can make life a bit easier. Below we discuss how these portable laundry trailers provided by Doodie Calls assist each situation and circumstance.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can occur at any given moment. Especially when living in a state like Florida, hurricanes can leave people without power and water. Sadly, in the worst circumstances, these storms can leave families homeless for any given time. The products that Doodie Calls provides are an industry leader for disaster relief and emergency portable sanitation services.

When disaster hits we are prepared to offer portable restroom, shower, and laundry trailers with clean running water. We also have bunkhouse trailer options and hand washing/ sanitizing stations. Of course, restrooms and clean water are key essentials following a disaster, but laundry trailers are just as important.

When having to evacuate your home, the only clothing you bring is the articles on your body. When going to a shelter or disaster relief location, you are given some clean clothing items. However, having the option to do laundry and wear clean clothes gives people a sense of hope.


Outdoor concerts and events involve days of fun and excitement. It also involving attendees staying at the site or just off if they plan on experiencing each day of the event. Most of the time we plan ahead and pack accordingly. However, having the option to clean your clothes throughout the duration of the event in a portable laundry trailer is a perk.


Camping grounds are big consumers when it comes to portable laundry trailers, restrooms, and sanitizing stations. Some people go on camping trips that can last days, weeks, or months. Although people choose to camp to live off the land and detach from simple necessities, have the option to wash your clothes is something many would not pass up.

You may have thought you packed enough clothing to get you through your trip. However, depending on the weather, wearing several outfits packed to keep yourself dry is a reality. Having the luxury of washing and drying your clothes allows you to have fun while staying clean and dry the entire trip.

Construction Sites

Another big consumer of portable laundry, restrooms and sanitizing stations is construction sites. Especially the restroom and sanitizing stations because there are rarely any indoor restrooms available for the construction workers. There are some circumstances where workers will need to stay at a job for days when it is time-sensitive to complete the job. This is where the portable laundry trailer comes in handy.

Are You or Your Company in Need of a Portable Laundry Trailer?

If you or your company is looking for any portable sanitation trailer give Doodie Calls a ring. Doodie Calls offers a variety of clean, portable restroom, shower facilities, and laundry trailers options for special events, construction sites, outdoor weddings, disaster relief, and more. No matter the circumstance Doodie Calls is ready to deliver top-of-the-line equipment all over South Florida.

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