Five Myths Debunked About Renting Portable Toilets

When you think about portable toilets, your first word probably isn’t luxury. People often imagine them to be stinky, dirty, crowded, and uncomfortable. In certain circumstances, this may be true if you are working with a vendor who does not supply dependable products and services. If you work with a reputable portable sanitation business, you will discover that these concerns are no longer an issue. Did you know that your workplace keyboard is more of a germ breeding site than a toilet seat. To help you better understand porta-potties, we’ve provided five myths debunked about renting portable toilets and explained why they’re false.

Portable Toilets Then vs Now 

The original metal stalls used in WWII shipyards don’t equate to today’s well-designed and long-lasting porta-potties. The first portable toilets were built with metal and wood. Which made them extremely heavy, prone to rotting, humidity, and odor-absorbing.

Portable toilets are used more accessibly now than in earlier years. They can survive strong winds, rain, and other adverse weather conditions without compromising their integrity or functionality. 

When employees are working in high-rise buildings, certain sophisticated designs enable convenient mobility across worksites. There is even a large selection of luxury bathrooms accessible for more upscale gatherings.

1. Portable Toilets Smell

Many individuals assume that all portable toilets have a foul odor. The reality is that well-maintained portable toilets do not often create offensive aromas.

If you pick a non-flushing portable toilet, waste will linger in the toilet until your toilet rental specialist flushes it out. Nevertheless, the biocide used in portable toilets kills stinky bacteria, and specific scented fluids sprayed within the toilet bowl mask any scents that remain. 

If you pick a flushable portable toilet, you may expect it to smell just as good as a regular flushable restroom.

If you’re afraid to conduct your event in a location that lacks the public restrooms your attendees require due to widespread misunderstandings about portable toilets, you’ve come to the right place.

2. Not Enough Storage For Waste 

This is a frequent myth, as well as an inaccurate one. Basic porta potty units include 60-gallon waste tanks with the ability to upgrade to waste tanks that contain up to 250 gallons of waste. These tanks are made to be suitable for all plumbing setups.

How far will 250 gallons take you? A 250-gallon tank, on the other hand, should be sufficient to cover the demands of a 10-man working team throughout a 40-hour workday. Furthermore, several porta potty rentals are accessible to come by and unload it or exchange it for a new one as necessary.

3. Portable Toilets Aren’t Luxurious 

Have you ever used a Satellite Suite restroom trailer? If you still think portable bathrooms can’t be elegant, we’ll change your mind. Doodie Calls offers Satellite Suite restroom trailers with Corian® countertops, stainless steel sinks, and commercial quality metered faucets. 

Waste cans can be stored out of sight due to our integrated paper trash holes in the countertop. Satellite Suites trailers include an AM/FM Bluetooth Entertainment package, allowing the event planner, bride, or guest of honor to wirelessly stream music from their mobile device into the trailer. Ceiling-mounted speakers are discreet and produce full, rich sound.

The pleasant, cozy atmosphere will take your breath away. The soothing music, clean, and well-lit environment provide a comfortable ambiance. All so you can get away from the crowd and have some alone time.

4. Not Spacious Enough for Hand Washing Stations 

A widespread myth is that people are unable to clean their hands after using portable toilets. While many portable toilets now have hand sanitizing stations, some include fully working portable sinks where your guests may wash their hands with regular soap and water.

Although hand sanitizers can eliminate certain germs on your hands, washing your hands totally removes germs. Pick portable toilets with portable sinks so that attendees can clean far more bacteria from their hands after using the restroom, hence reducing the transmission of germs and disease during your event.

You’ll have plenty of space with Doodie Calls portable restroom trailers. We provide everything from ADA-accessible trailers to trailers with internal lights, mirrors, and a music system. Not to mention the heat and air conditioning for those days when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Our ADA Liberty restroom is a large, wheelchair-accessible restroom. In addition, these trailers are family-sized. It has a revolutionary flat-floor design that allows for simple wheelchair access and maneuvering. The handrails and paper holder, as well as the rotating latch, are designed and built for ease of use.

5. Too Expensive 

Finally, we’ll dispel the myth that portable toilet rentals are extremely costly. Given the number of portable toilets we’ve all been forced to use, it’s logical to believe that renting a bathroom trailer must be extremely costly. Renting a Porta-potty can be obtained on a daily or long-term basis for a reasonable price. In fact, if you require porta potties for more than a day, you may typically get a discount.

Doodie Calls believes that every gathering should provide clean, pleasant, and reasonably priced accommodations for nature’s call. We cater to a wide range of demands and budgets, from tiny class reunions to large weddings.

In general, a trip to the restroom necessitates the usage of toilet paper and soap. We assure you that a quote from Doodie Calls includes all fees. There are no hidden fees for these essentials.

When the vows have been exchanged and the dancing has ended, you want your friends to appreciate how much fun they had, not how difficult it was to find the dirty tiny restroom. Doodie Calls will make sure that if the bathrooms are mentioned at all, it will be because of how wonderful they were. We hope you enjoyed our article regarding five myths debunked about renting portable toilets. Contact Doodie Calls so you don’t worry about breaking the bank.

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