Mobilizing for the Storm: Hurricane Ida

As a dangerous category 4 storm, Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday with 145 mph winds at Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Reports say this is one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the U.S. Bringing catastrophic storm surge, extreme winds, and flash flooding in southeastern Louisiana. Sadly, this storm has left thousands without power, roofs have been completely blown off homes and buildings, and has reversed the flow of the Mississippi River.

Many took to social media, pleading for boat rescues as the water rose. The rising ocean swamped the barrier island of Grand Isle as landfall came just to the west at Port Fourchon. Ida made a second landfall about two hours later near Galliano. The hurricane was churning through the far southern Louisiana wetlands, with more than two million people living in and around New Orleans and Baton Rouge under threat.

Thousands of people will need assistance in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Although the storm has sunk to a category 2, it does not mean that our work is over. On the contrary, the work is only beginning for disaster relief organizations.

Doodie Calls Disaster Relief

Doodie Calls is an industry leader for disaster relief offering emergency portable sanitation equipment and services. As a company, we have built strategic relationships and invested resources with the goal of responding to your needs quickly in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. 

As an effort of urgency following a storm, we maintain 9 storage yards tactically located throughout the Gulf Coast. We have locations in the Southeastern parts of the United States as well. This allows us to respond immediately and have equipment ready in 24 hours or less. The strategic locations of our storage yards allow us to provide a high level of service to any and all disaster relief areas.

We offer numerous restroom, shower, laundry, and bunkhouse trailer options. These include standard units, handicap-accessible ADA units, flushable units with sinks as well as hand washing and sanitizing stations. We only offer the very best equipment and will not offer anything less. Our trailers range in size from 8 to 32 feet. Furthermore, they can accommodate crowds from 150 to over one thousand people.


Ready Before the Storm

When a hurricane is projected to make landfall within any of our service areas, Doodie Calls begins preparation behind the scenes. We begin mobilization before the storm hits with a goal of being 100 miles of the anticipated delivery location. Thus, allowing for quick set up of equipment following the storm.

This means that we will be working around the clock monitoring the storm’s path. We work quickly, making necessary arrangements to mobilize our trailers and equipment in the correct direction of anticipated landfall. We hope that our services can help each and every individual in the Louisiana community that has been affected by hurricane Ida.

Our team is available 24/7 and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service with a focus on safety and reliability. We know how difficult and scary it can be living through these devastating storms, and we are here to help.

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Team is amazing! Clean rentals and awesome customer service!

Thank you for your service during the hurricane here in Old Town, Florida. We appreciate the use of your facilities, the showers, the laundromats, and the restrooms. 

Always on time and always clean!

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