Luxury Restroom Rentals vs Regular Porta Potties

Luxury or regular amenities? What is the right option for your next outdoor event? What type of restroom rentals are needed for your next event? All of these questions can be answered during your portable restroom rentals process. From executive trailers, to shower trailers, and the standard porta potty there are several options for any type of event. 

What is a Executive Trailer?

An executive trailer is preferred for those who need a big restroom that is air controlled and luxurious. Executive trailers come in several sizes and also have shower and laundry trailer options available. Meant for high end events that require more room for people that need full service restrooms and are also perfect to set up after natural disasters. Executive trailers get placed in several locations and are hooked up to trucks when transported to simplify the delivery process. They include on board water options for areas that are not close to a water supply.

For cold weather environments there are arctic packages available to service the locations where it is necessary. The largest executive trailer includes 11 stations 5 private stalls and 2 sinks for the women and 4 urinals, 2 stalls, and 2 sinks for the men. Another great option for large events is a luxury trailer. 

What is included in Luxury Restroom Rentals?

A luxury restroom trailer is suitable for outdoor weddings, and events that need a classy restroom experience. They are easy to set up for any event and work well for large events. Features like nice flooring, unique walls, air conditioning/heating, with options to fully decorate make these a great option. They are very similar in structure to executive trailers and have other options available to suit parties of all sizes.

What Do Shower Trailers Include?

A shower trailer is super helpful for post natural disaster and events where people are working on projects long term in more remote areas. Configured for gender preference and used as a 4+4 or 2+6 floor plan. There are other options like the 8 shower arrangement depending on gender requirements, and each shower stall has a changing area, shower and private lock. 

Smaller Options for Restroom Rentals

If you are in need of a more affordable and singular setup a standard porta potty may suit you well. Rented individually, in large groups, and maintain popularity for being super easy to set up. There are standard porta potties that include flushable and non flushable units. 

The Standard Porta Potty

The standard porta potty is a great addition to small gatherings and even large ones. These restroom rentals come as a singular porta potty for a small outdoor home gathering, or an entire fleet for the next college tailgate or huge concert. A singular porta potty is available to rent at the lowest cost and is a super affordable option for very basic needs. This is a great choice for events that do not require a touch of luxury. The Standard porta potties can be ADA compliant and also include hand washing sinks. A great option for construction sites and recommended to have one ADA compliant toilet per 10 employees that work 40 hr weeks so they can spread out more. 

Other great reasons to get an ADA compl,iant toilet include the following:

Singular Handicap Potty Rentals have a variety of uses. This includes volleyball games, golf tournaments, and other sporting events such as 5Ks, charity walks, marathons. At other special events such as Black Friday, Farmer’s Markets, and Construction Projects where they comply with OSHA and ANSI standards while still making your job site more efficient.

Where Can I Rent the Perfect Portable Toilet?

Lucky you for stumbling upon this blog. Check out Doodie Calls and their amazing fleet of portable restroom rentals that range in size and available amenities. Check out our selection today and see how Doodie Calls can be of service to you for the next hurricane, construction project, home renovation and even outdoor weddings. 

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