Laundry Trailers Help Disaster Relief

From hurricanes to wildfires to the economic devastation of COVID 19, 2021 has quickly come and gone but not without catastrophic effects. Another year has almost passed with a potentially record-breaking number of billion-dollar natural disasters in the U.S. These hurricanes and fires have swept through the country leaving many without homes and resources.

Along with the natural disaster that has ruined many homes and businesses, the aftermath of COVID 19 has also left families and businesses with nowhere to turn. The economy took an enormous hit following the COVID outbreak. Thousands lost their jobs leaving many relying on government funds to help keep a roof over their head and their families fed.

When these types of devastations happen shelters offer many necessities for survivors and people in need. However, the more affected by these disasters the lower number of open beds and resources shelters can offer. This is where companies like Doodie Calls come in, offering beds, restrooms, and laundry trailers for people in need.

How Portable Laundry Trailers Help Disaster Relief Efforts

At Doodie Calls we offer portable laundry trailers as part of our disaster relief fleet of equipment. One of the main reasons we offer these portable units is for families who have lost water or power in their homes. This is a common occurrence following a storm. Unfortunately, many individuals, especially following a devastating hurricane or fire, lose their entire homes. This is why we off our laundry units, restroom and shower units, as well as bunkhouses for a place to stay.

Our laundry trailers also allow disaster relief volunteers the opportunity to quickly and efficiently clean blankets and clothes for those seeking refuge. Each trailer is equipped with 8 washers and dryers to accommodate multiple loads to continue providing warm, clean items. A simple task like being able to wash the shirt off your back can make a difference for a survivor who has lost so much already.

We also offer portable laundry rentals for organizations. For example, community centers or churches that are also helping in disaster relief efforts. This allows other shelters to use our products to keep clean linens, blankets, and other essentials available for use.


What Doodie Calls is Doing for Disaster Relief

As an industry leader for disaster relief and emergency portable sanitation services, Doodie Calls has made it their mission and invested in the resources to offer disaster relief in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. We have also partnered with different states in the southeast part of the U.S. Thus, allowing us to tactically set up 9 storage yards throughout these states.

We understand the urgency following a natural disaster which is why we have equipment ready to go hours after the storm. Some of the disaster relief equipment we offer at Doodie Calls includes:

At Doodie Calls we only offer top-of-the-line equipment that we trust, like our laundry trailers to help disaster relief. We take pride in what we do and assure you that all our units will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for all inquires on renting portable units and other ways to help in our disaster relief efforts.

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