Help Your Porta Potty Survive The Summer Heat

Summer has officially begun, which means that Florida is bracing itself for some major heat. With the change in weather comes the urge to hold outdoor activities, some of which may need portable restrooms. Excessive heat can result in unpleasant and unclean situations when proper precautions are not followed. Learn how to help your porta potty survive the summer heat.

Location Matters 

The major reason porta potties may be so unpleasant in the heat is due to improper placement. The location of your portable restroom might enable you to utilize ventilation to reduce the amount of heat that can be felt within the unit. That is why it’s important to work with a company that takes the time to scout out the most optimal locations to place your rentals.

Even though portable bathrooms are designed to endure heat and reflect sunlight away, Florida heat gradually raises the temperature. resulting in smells that no guest should ever endure. Before placing your units anywhere, try scouting out shady spots where fresh breezes will keep your units comfortable throughout the day.

Trailer Upgrade Options  

If shaded areas aren’t provided for your event, keep in mind that there are other options for keeping your attendees pleased during restroom breaks. Doodie Calls provides deluxe bathroom trailers with all the necessities.

2-Station Restroom Trailer

The warm, pleasant atmosphere will greet you as you enter our private, 2-station restroom trailer. The soothing music and clean, well-lit environment provide a comfortable ambiance where you can get away from the crowd and have some alone time.

3-Stall Shower/ Restroom Combo 

This one-of-a-kind trailer includes three huge separate shower rooms. Every room has its own sink and toilet for when privacy is needed. Users will feel at ease showering and changing in their own space, which includes their own washrooms.

11-Station Trailer

Our stunning 28-feet, 11-station trailer is ideal for high-traffic events. The women have 5 private stalls and 2 sinks, while the males have 4 urinals, 2 stalls, and 2 sinks.

To ensure a safe and even flow of traffic, both the men’s and women’s sections have an entry and exit door. Furthermore, the communal spaces are quite vast and roomy, providing people with a nice setting to share.

Ordering a portable luxury restroom may increase your budget slightly, but the comfort and coolness they give from the elements will be vital to your visitors. For more outdoor restroom options check out Toilet options for outdoor events

Include Extra Sanitation 

Another technique to keep your porta potties hygienic (particularly for multi-day events) is to arrange extra service from the unit provider. The extra mile you put into hiring a maintenance crew can also help protect your guests from deadly infections that flourish in the heat, such as Norovirus, Hepatitis A, Salmonella, and Influenza

Reduce smells and keep your site clean by having a specialist clean your unit outside of the normal timeframe. Most rental companies offer a clean up crew in additional to your rental order. That doesn’t mean you should go for any company, consider Doodie Calls, our extraordinary customer service team can get you an estimate and any additional services you need.

Invest in Deodorizers 

Sure, air fresheners are a great way to keep the body of your toilets refreshed. But did you realize that the toilet in your portable bathroom could benefit from some extra care?

Standard deodorizers used in most portable toilets won’t operate in heat. Odors will seep making your guests’ experience distasteful. There are various high-end deodorizers on the market that may help keep your tank fresh between servicings. 

Experience Quality With Doodie Calls 

What distinguishes Doodie Calls from the competition is that we find satisfaction in our porta potty rentals. We’re committed to providing you with clean porta potties and fast, dependable service. We also want to make your porta potty rental experience as pleasant as possible, which is why we provide a variety of alternatives. From same-day delivery (for an extra price) to weekly porta potty service, we have you covered.

Our porta toilet rentals are inexpensive and may be utilized for any residential or business building site, special event, disaster relief activities, and other purposes. Contact us today to find out about our current unit availability.

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