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Doodie Calls: Florida Dumpster Rental

Doodie Calls is a Florida company that provides residential and commercial services for all dumpster rental, portable toilets, and more. If you’re considering renting a trash bin, we have the perfect solution for you!

We offer a variety of different container sizes to accommodate your needs. Whether it’s for home use or business use, Doodie Calls has the right dumpster sizes for any project. Here are some reasons why someone might need to rent a dumpster.


If you are conducting renovations on your home or business it may be too much waste for typical garbage service. You will need dumpster rental services to haul away debris. With Doodie Calls, you can rent dumpsters for a week or more to accommodate your needs and schedule.

Apartment Complexes

If you have an influx of tenants moving in, there will be more garbage. Do you have enough dumpsters to accommodate? If you have many tenants moving out and need to dispose of furniture and carpeting, you may need additional dumpsters to handle waste and disposal. Dumpster rentals from Doodie Calls can help.

Construction Projects

If you are doing a construction project, you need dumpsters to dispose of all kinds of construction debris. Here at Doodie Calls, we have dumpsters for both commercial and residential use that come in many sizes with different rental periods so that your needs are met.

We can service your dumpsters on your schedule so you won’t wind up without any space to unload waste.

Hoarding Solutions

Hoarding is a serious matter that can be hazardous. The amount of waste and items needing to be removed from a hoarded home can be extensive. If you need to clean up a hoarded space, a rental dumpster can help. These dumpsters can handle cubic yards worth of junk removal if you have projects like a hoarding situation.

Disaster Relief

In Florida, natural disasters, like hurricanes can cause a lot of property damage. If you are faced with this situation, dumpster rentals can be the solution for your cleanup efforts. We offer dumpsters that will suit any size project and we have different rental periods so it’s never too early or too late.

If you need commercial dumpster services then Doodie Calls is there for you. Our rental options, service frequency, and removal are tailored to fit your needs.

Multiple Businesses

Oftentimes multiple businesses or an office plaza end up sharing a small dumpster facility. Usually, this dumpster is not large enough to handle the amount of waste these businesses produce. This can lead to messy-looking, areas with trash everywhere blocking access. No one wants their customers to see unsightly trash and overfilled dumpsters.

If you would like to expand your dumpster size while sharing with others, Doodie Calls can work with you. We have 10 yard and 20-yard dumpster dimensions available.

Get Your Dumpster Rental from Doodie Calls

Doodie Calls has locations all over Florida, and we serve 34 counties that you can see here. We are a leader in this industry and are happy to provide dumpster rentals, portable toilets, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out or call our friendly customer service team for pricing or other questions today. See for yourself, the Doodie Calls difference!

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Thank you for your service during the hurricane here in Old Town, Florida. We appreciate the use of your facilities, the showers, the laundromats, and the restrooms. 

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