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Long- Term Construction Site? No Sweat! Reliable Bathroom Solutions from Doodie Calls

Are you working on a construction site in Florida for months on end? Working long days in the Florida heat with a team is no easy feat. Managing a construction site isn’t an easy task either, there are rules and laws to abide by when supplying proper facilities to workers. Perhaps the most important factor is restroom capabilities. Equally important is making sure these bathrooms are properly cleaned and affordable.  

Affordable Construction Site Porta Pottys

Let’s say there are 40 guys on a site. Finding adequate OSHA-approved portable toilets that don’t break the bank can be difficult. That’s where Doodie Calls comes in. Our team offers specialized pricing that works for you. With no drop off or pick up fees. What’s not to appreciate? We make it our mission to make your life easier. Focus on the building and we’ll handle the rest.  

What Kind of Porta Potty Is Needed? 

You may think, all I need is a portable! Right?! Think again! There is a lot to consider when renting a portable. For example, how many people will be utilizing the porta potty in each week. High-use porta-potties on construction sites can become unsanitary, especially during long-term rentals.  

Questions to think about when considering which rental you need:  

  1. How many people will be on my site for how long?  
  1. What is the gender division on the worksite?  
  1. How big is the construction site?  

At Doodie Calls, we make it very cost effective and affordable for your monthly construction porta potty needs. Give us the location and rental duration, we take care of the rest.  

Flushable Unit with Sink or Standard Unit? 

Typically, a standard porta potty is enough to get the job done properly, However, for larger sites, a flushable unit with a built-in sink might be a better choice. This eliminates the need to rent a separate handwashing station with your standard rental. Additionally, flushable units tend to require less maintenance between cleanings, making the days leading to your weekly service less unpleasant.  

Something to keep in mind though is the number of people that will be utilizing the unit. As previously mentioned, a standard unit rental for long-term construction sites does just fine!  

Doodie Calls Your Construction Site Connect 

Everything you need for your construction site can be done at Doodie Calls. We service various areas across the state such as Ocala to Naples, and Fort Piece to Homestead. There is nothing we can’t do for your construction site needs. Contact us today for a free quote!  

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