Construction Site Safety and Bathroom Access

Due to the pandemic, almost all businesses and industries have devised new policies regarding safety. The construction site industry is not an exception and needs to follow various rules and regulations in order to keep employees safe from contracting covid-19 while working on a construction site. The core purpose of these rules is to promote social distancing and inculcate cleaning habits among the construction site workers. 

Let’s have a look at these golden principles that are necessary for everyone’s health and safety.  

Sanitizing High-Traffic Areas at Construction Sites

Bathrooms and hand washing stations are a high-traffic area that can be a hotbed for germs like covid-19. Doodie Calls offers an assortment of safe, dependable portable bathroom options for  construction sites. Doodie Calls can meet your sanitizing needs at regular intervals based on the frequency that the facilities are being used and the number of employees you have on site. The Doodie Calls service schedule accommodates the needs of each individual jobsite. Whether you need weekly service or 7 days per week, we can support you and your needs. We presently serve 34 counties throughout the state of Florida. 

Protection of Construction Site Workers

  • An employee who is suffering from a cough or fever should stay at home. An employee experiencing flu-like symptoms could be due to covid-19. It is better to stay home or get tested before returning to work. This way co-workers can remain confident that everyone is safe. 
  • Unvaccinated construction site workers can continue to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. Doodie Calls also offers The Tag product line. This portable hand washing station is the industry standard when it comes to accessible sinks for construction sites. 
  • Doodie Calls offers The Tag 4 as a premier hand washing solution. This is due to the pandemic and increased need for sanitation and hand washing in general. The Tag product line has larger production capacity to efficiently fulfill high demands. At Doodie Calls safety and cleanliness comes first. 

More Tips for Promoting Safety at Construction Sites

Recommended Quantity  

In order to avoid lines and more frequent service, we recommend 1 portable toilet for every 10 employees. We also recommend rounding up to the nearest multiple of 10. For example, if you have 27 employees, we would suggest 3 portable toilets. This will keep your construction site safe and OSHA compliant.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizers 

OSHA requires the employer at a construction site to have soap/water and/or antibacterial hand sanitizer available. Hand drying solutions need to be available to employees. OSHA suggests individual hand towels, air blowers or individual sections of continuous toweling.

Let Doodie Calls help keep your construction site clean and OSHA compliant with a hand wash station. These stations will give you and your employees another option for hand sanitizing than the traditional hand sanitizer dispenser. 

This TAG hand wash station can have two to four sinks to allow for immediate use by multiple employees at once. The sink has separate tanks for fresh water and grey water. At Doodie Calls we can assure that you and your employees will have everything you require. Paper towel and soap dispensers stocked. The portable sink rental offers liquid hand soap, hands-free foot pumps, and paper towels which help keep hands clean and germ-free while in agreement with OSHA. Our portable sink rental is of the best quality and can supply up to 600 washes so you can get to work and have Doodie Calls worry about the rest.

Final Verdict

The coworkers and all the staff at the construction site should ensure the implementation of all OSHA bathroom and hand sanitizing requirements. Just as all the industries are implementing the rules and regulations and best practices to maintain the overall healthy and safe environment, the construction industry also needs special consideration in this regard. 

Then what are you waiting for? Contact Doodie Calls today and ensure the safety of your construction sites.

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