Benefits of Renting Hand Washing Stations In Florida

Sometimes a construction site or public event may not have working facilities where people can wash their hands at any time. Unless you rent a luxury restroom trailer, even a conventional set of portable restrooms will lack sufficient hand-washing features. Our portable hand-washing stations provide various benefits to the locations that use them, including helping to maintain an event as clean and germ-free as possible. Here are the benefits of renting hand washing stations in Florida.

Eco Friendly 

Hand-washing sinks, as opposed to sinks that are connected to a plumbing system, are sustainable and reusable from site to site. Our portable sink rental is top-of-the-line quality and can accommodate up to 600 fresh washes so you can worry less about the facilities and focus more on the task at hand. Doodie Calls contributes to a greener environment by removing the need for costly and wasteful plumbing installation.

Handwashing Can Be Anywhere 

Construction sites, public parks, and food truck celebrations frequently urge people to be as sanitary as possible. Sadly, most of these establishments lack readily accessible handwashing facilities for staff and visitors to utilize.

Portable hand-washing stations provide sanitation in remote or dispersed settings. In addition to the conventional sink, our hand-washing stations include all of the soap and paper towels your visitors will require to stay germ-free at your event or construction site.


This is especially significant for occasions such as construction site hand-washing station rentals. As a building project progresses, certain locations of the project are sure to become more crowded than they were when development began.

Regardless of where the activity is taking place, limiting the spread of germs is a top priority. Portable handwashing facilities from Doodie Calls provide flexibility and eliminate the need for an exhausting walk to wash one’s hands. Our stations are mobile and can quickly be transferred from one crucial site to the next!

Stand Alone Units 

Our portable sinks are self-contained systems that do not run on electricity or plumbing to function properly. Simply notify us, and we will arrange a team to deliver your unit as soon as possible. Doodie Calls’ purpose with each of our products is to provide a stress-free rental experience. With distinct hand wash station choices, Doodie Calls can help keep your special event clean and fresh. These stations will provide you and your guests with an alternative to the typical hand sanitizer dispenser found in all of our special event portable toilets.

Provide Hygenic Solutions Today! 

Whether you want dependable portable facilities or portable hand-washing facilities, Doodie Calls has you covered. From professional planning to correct delivery and dependable servicing, our rapid, courteous customer care will provide you peace of mind. We are here to assist you with your sanitation needs! Contact us today to learn more about the units we have available in your region!

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