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What is an Air Conditioned Porta Potty? 

Deluxe, sanitary and comfortable, air conditioned porta potties offer climate control features that makes them feel like a portable ensuite. 

Most people don’t have a high regard for portable bathrooms – often for good reason. Many porta potties are outhouse-style restrooms. However, there is such a thing as a classy, upscale, fully air conditioned porta potty.

Perhaps you think it a little ironic. Classy? Air-conditioned? Is it a porta potty or an en suite hotel bathroom?

Your restroom can be both with reputable rental companies such as Doodie Calls supply top-of-the-line portable toilets for outdoor weddings, corporate events, parties, and disaster recovery services. They include executive trailers that come with a variety of luxury features, such as:

  • Flushing toilets and hand sinks with running water so you don’t have to see others people’s waste or used toilet paper. 
  • Hangers for handbags and men’s suit jackets, so guests at your event don’t have to dump their stuff on the floor of a porta potty. 
  • Atmospheric lighting so you can use the bathroom comfortably at night, as well as soft background music to create that warm, intimate and private atmosphere. 
  • Vanity mirrors – yes, just like a home bathroom. 
  • Premium wood cabinetry that even rivals the elegance of the restroom at a hotel lobby. 
  • Climate control, which means warmth in winter, and cool breeze during summer. 

So yes, porta potties can be classy and even have the greatest feature of all.. air conditioning!

What’s an Air Conditioned Porta Potty?

An air conditioned porta potty is a portable restroom equipped with a heat exchanger in addition to the regular ventilation. Fresh air is drawn in through vents on the side into the exchange chamber. Then it is mixed with outgoing air and cooled, before circulating round the bathroom.

Open the door to one of these porta potties and get greeted by a cool wave of fresh air. Walk into this bathroom trailer on a summer day, and you’re saved from the sweltering heat. The controlled internal humidity also helps to keep the atmosphere smelling fresh and cool. 

Unlike regular portable restrooms, the air-conditioned porta potty is a true, portable resting room. Rather than some place to go as a last resort, this will be your go-to, to freshen up and feel at ease at an outdoor event.

Benefits of Using Air Conditioned Porta Potties 

Air conditioned porta potties come with all the benefits of a comfortable home bathroom fitted with an HVAC system. You get to beat the heat, prevent bacteria build-up and breathe fresh, cool air. 

      1. Beat the Heat 

Who said a porta potty has to be a cramped space where you have to miserably endure the heat? Having an air-conditioner in luxury restroom trailers defies the hot weather, at any time of the year. 

No matter how hot the day gets during an event, an air conditioned porta potty will ensure your comfort, preventing heatstroke and dehydration. If you’re organizing an outdoor event in the summer, an air-conditioned porta potty will allow your guests to beat the heat and stay active all through your event.

      2. Prevent Build-Up of Bacteria 

While most porta potty seats generally pass the standard sanitary test of being clean enough to eat off, other surfaces in the restroom are usually prone to accumulating harmful amounts of microbes. Unless, of course, in a climate controlled porta potty or bathroom trailer. 

Air conditioned porta potties are generally more sanitary because of the cooler temperatures which do not allow bacteria to proliferate. Since cold air is more dense than warm air, even the floor of the restroom will have minimal bacterial growth. 

Obviously, you shouldn’t be touching the floor of a porta potty, air-con or not, but fewer germs on any surface ensures a hygienic environment for anyone using the restroom.

        3. Breath Fresh, Cool Air 

It’s true that air inside a porta potty isn’t what you want to be breathing for an extended period of time. Besides the often foul odor, the small, enclosed space of a porta potty doesn’t always have the best ventilation. 

Some porta potties try to solve this problem using fragrance, so you don’t have to take a whiff of the lavatory stench while you have a go. But air conditioned porta potties take this a step further. They bring in fresh air from the outside so you are comfortable breathing. 

As the cooled air is circulated around the restroom, it is continually replaced by fresh, unadulterated air coming in through the vents in the porta potty. This allows the air conditioned porta potty to maintain a welcoming atmosphere all through an event. 

How Much Does an Air Conditioned Porta Potty Cost? 

The price of a porta potty or restroom trailer depends on the size, model, and whether it has any extra features. Air conditioned porta potties usually come in the form of luxury restroom trailers with private bathroom stalls. This makes them more comfortable than standard porta potties.  

No, you don’t necessarily have to sell any organs. Depending on the features requested, a typical two-stall air conditioned porta potty can cost anywhere between $800 and $1300 to rent for a weekend. Pricy, but a small price to pay for a plush flush. 

To put that into perspective, the higher end versions of standard porta potties without air conditioning can run into $600 for rental. Guests at your event can have a much more luxurious experience that may cost you only 33% extra – or even less. 

Get the Most Affordable Porta Potty 

It can be difficult for most Americans to reconcile the intimacy and comfort of an en suite hotel bathroom with the idea of porta potties. Yet an air conditioned porta potty effortlessly makes you feel ‘at home’. 

Event attendees can breathe fresh air and use the restroom in the hygienic environment. During a hot summer event, the air conditioned porta potty may even provide respite from the scorching heat. 

Also, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. At Doodie Calls, you can get an affordable estimate for your air conditioned porta potty rental. Contact us to request a quote.

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