How to Prepare for Dumpster Rental Services

Using regular trash cans for the trash removal isn’t always sufficient. Whether you just finished a renovation project or are clearing out a hoarder’s house, dumpster rentals may be a useful service that helps you get your property back in shape. Renting a 20, 30, or 40-yard dumpster from Doodie Calls needs more planning than simply placing an order and waiting. Looking for how to prepare for dumpster rental services? Here are some of the best strategies to guarantee that your dumpster rental goes as smoothly as possible and with as little red tape as possible.

Sufficient Space 

The area around your dumpster should be large enough for you and your crew to effortlessly move around and discard your rubbish. We also advise that your dumpster have at least 20 feet of the room accessible over its lid. This ensures a seamless delivery and pickup with no chance of harm to parts of your property such as low-hanging trees, rooftops, and awing.

May Need A Permit 

If your dumpster needs to be put on a sidewalk or roadway, it is no longer on private property and requires city permission, similar to porta-potty rentals. Permits guarantee that your rental does not violate any local rules and help you avoid costly penalties. Although the permit procedure in Florida is rather easy, you should still prepare your paperwork at least a month before agreeing to terms with a dumpster rental company.

Ensure Your Surface is Suitable For Use

The area where you will be placing your dumpster should be clean and clear of any tripping hazards. Yes, dumpsters may be used on gravel, grass, and pavement; however, keep in mind that the dryer and flatter your surface, the more stable your container will be during usage.

Try Your Best To Recycle 

It may be tempting to rent a dumpster and start dumping everything you can into it. However, combining recycling with rubbish is not the most ecologically beneficial approach to disposing of valuable materials.

Take some time before the dumpster comes to go over your trash and recycle what you can. There are several recycling organizations that will pay you for your plastic, scrap metals, and old appliances. So, conserve the environment while making a little additional money for yourself.

Get All The Facts About Disposing Materials 

Renting a dumpster is a terrific method to lessen your waste disposal burden, but it is not a free-for-all. Items such as paint, tires, and hazardous waste materials, are not permitted to be discarded and must be disposed of properly.

If you have any doubts about your capacity to dispose of a certain item in a dumpster, ask your rental crew when they arrive for an honest answer.

Secure Your Next Dumpster Rental With Doodie Calls 

Don’t allow waste to gather up on your property. Allow Doodie Calls dumpster rental service to assist you in making the first steps toward cleanliness. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our roll-off dumpster rentals and portable restroom rentals for your next large project. Our goal is sanitation, and we are always ready to make your event, building site, or house a cleaner environment.

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