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How to Maintain Sanitation at Your Worksite

By providing high-quality workplace hygiene, you can reduce the likelihood of incidents on your worksite. To promote a healthy workplace at all times, create a continual effort to integrate proper hygiene into your general on-site operation. Nevertheless, building site managers might implement specific and conveniently convenient sanitation systems with basic design. Use this quick start guide to get started on how to maintain sanitation at your worksite.

Provide Safe and Clean Water 

Construction labor is physically demanding, and employees are highly susceptible to dehydration. Make plans to provide adequate safe drinking water. Water containers should be properly labeled, have a tight-fitting top, and have a tap for clean water dispensing.

Consider giving eco-friendly disposable cups, as well as clean containers for keeping empty cups and recycling used cups. Make it a point to properly label any containers or sources that source water that is unfit for consumption. 

Renting Portable Toilets 

When it comes to building site sanitation, having clean and hygienic restrooms should be a primary goal. Conventional washrooms and urinals can be a cost-effective approach to meet on-site bathroom requirements. Choose bathroom facilities with extra services such as hot and cold water, as well as cooling and heating.

The number of toilets required for your facility will be determined by the number of personnel on-site. In establishments with 20 or fewer employees, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) generally requires one toilet.

On workplaces with 20 or more workers, offer at least one toilet and one urinal for every 40 workers, and at least one toilet and one urinal for every 50 workers on sites with 200 or more workers.

Portable Shower Trailers 

Shower trailers allow staff to wash away potential toxic building products and tidy up before leaving the worksite. To meet these requirements, rent shower trailers. Our shower trailers include big water tanks for both cold and hot water. 

These stations come in handy for locations without indoor plumbing. Make sure the trailers you rent come fully stocked with hand and body soap. As well as a separate hand cloth or paper towels.

Our Satellite Suites 8-Station Flex shower trailer provides unparalleled versatility as well as a plethora of one-of-a-kind amenities. We also offer separate stations for genders. requirements. We can set it for male and female usage in a 4+4 or 2+6 floor layout, or as an 8 shower configuration. Each shower cubicle also has a changing space, shower, and a private lock. Bathrooms and showers should be located near the job site for the comfort and ease of the employees.

Changing Station 

Speak with your shower trailer supplier about personalizing the trailer facilities to include a change room. Consider getting a second trailer to operate as a change room. This station should be fully functioning with enough storage space for workers’ clothes, shoes, and other equipment.

Handwashing Stations 

If you use conventional portable toilets, try installing high-quality hand-washing units nearby. These amenities guarantee that your staff maintains hygiene practices even when working in locations without running water.

Construction sites can be hectic, fast-paced, and demanding, warranting a comprehensive sanitation strategy to provide maximum safety, cleanliness, and health. With distinct hand wash station choices, Doodie Calls can help keep your worksite clean and fresh.

These stations will provide you and your employees with an option to the standard hand sanitizer dispenser found in all of our special portable toilets. Our eye-catching hand wash station consists of four sinks for rapid usage for a productive day. To ensure that your employees have all they need, paper towels and soap dispensers are always filled. 

Whether you are in charge of a large or small construction project, Doodie Calls can supply you with the best sanitation services. Get in contact with us immediately to learn more about our services.

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